Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ana ,when you visit your friends " in the Hood" your not still doing that thumbs up gesture are you ?

Grace made this costume herself, and she never uses a pattern.

Grace is making a star wars, or star wreck movie in her room. She's using stop motion animation. She has rounded up all of her Picard, and friends figurines, and has created a little set to photograph them in.

Last week Grace had dressed as a "Seth" Lord for school. Grace said it's a "Sith" lord mom not "Seth". I asked her if those characters were bad,and she said,"Anakin was bad before he changed to be good before he was bad, but at the very beginging he was good." (That makes little sense)- (Hey, just like my blog.)
Grace was princess Leia last Thursday on princess day. She had the perfect hair buns, and Kate was Ariel oh so nautical , but I forgot the camera. Sorry girls.
I never thought about how nerdy we are. Does anybody wanna play "View masters" with me?

* disclaimer- I know that this video has a naughty spot . I can't clean up the whole world for you , but I still keep trying.

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Vincenzo said...

lol I love that video..

"Does anybody wanna play "Viewmaster" with me?"OK!
Wow great costume. She's so talented.