Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Listen up ladies !

When you've reduced yourselves to a sexual object - you've just screwed yourselves,
and you better pray to God that you stay "Hot" looking or your history.
Some beds are real difficult to lie on once you've made them,
and sex was your "Ace card" .
You must stop giving it away.
You'll lose the game.
Oh sure you may feel like your winning a few rounds,
but in the end you still loose.
Stop prostituting yourselves for love , fame , money , drugs , advancement,
or for things that turn into dust.

You know that photos , videos, and cell phone pictures will always be leaked to someone who you dont want to see them right?
These things will always come back to haunt you.
I can envision the web site now-
" Your grandmothers porn from Long ago", and unlike you this stuff doesn't die.
These images aren't going anywhere unless you destroy them,
but don't participate in these activities to begin with.
Gentlemen if you are in possession of something porny .
Now is a good time to get rid of it.
It's like a hot potato .
The one who's possessing this kind of material when Christ returns gets into the most trouble,
and this wont end well for you either.

1 comment:

belinda said...

Deer Gramer poleese. I actshually
liik too bee coureckted sow what dose thaat saa abowt me?

Beeing stoopid hurtts butt I amm knot as stoopid as I clame too bee.

I hav OCD sow I kno wat its liik too liv in an inperrfekt whirld thhat dryves mee crazey.
I am just teasing you. I like to be corrected. That's how I learn. I want to correct the world myself especially pagans.