Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Ms.Bertineli,

You do indeed look awesome for your age. Especially considering that our population continues to get larger. I am wondering about something though. Where are your battle scars? You know the marks and the wounds that you got from saying "yes" to God. You know the stuff that happens to a Mom or any person really when they live for others, and not for themselves.
For example with each child I aged a little more. I wont go into detail here, but with each "yes" to God something happened to me.
My husband even has scars from "dying to self " by working to provide for us. Once he came home with burnt ears.
Please know that I am not judging you in anyway, and I am sure that no one leaves this planet without some emotional or mental scaring , but when I go back to God I want to be 2 sizes smaller (I don't want to look like a glutton), and I'm taking my wounds, and my scars with me so that I can show Christ that I tried to follow him in my own imperfect way. I also plan on going back with my body totally used up , and broken from serving others. Yep, that's my goal ,and I had better get on it, so to speak.

Good job Valerie, but please go and put some clothes on.


Lola said...

Bravo Belinda!

But still, I love that she looks better than many 49 year old's who've done a ton of plastic surgery.

She got that look from hard work/discipline. Which isn't a bad thing.

Although I think she's wearing hair extentions.

Check out this link :

Belinda said...

Which isn't a bad thing.

-No it's not a bad thing at all. I feel an obligation to look my very best for my husband , but Paul didn't understand this post. So I though about deleting it.
It was about dying to self , and in the literal sense of the word.
Remember how hard Mother Theresa looked. Those years of service took their toll on her especially her holy hands. I wanna look like I've been serving.
I have missed hearing from you. I thought about you when I worked in public yesterday as an election official. Sometimes it's hard to visit, but God has , and is helping me with my anxiety. My cross.
BTW. A lady came in to vote yesterday , and she looked FREAKY from plastic surgery. Shiny, tight, and very strange.