Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our new world of religion begins to take shape, and all you need is love.

I can hardly wait to see who will lead this new religion.

How will you make me suffer if I opt out? I've already found the perfect Savior for myself ,and I don't want what your about to offer.

I understand the precepts of your new religion - We are sinless, and need only to love one another to be redeemed. We will be called to love the planet and it's people with fair, and equal distribution of all of it's resources, and wealth.
Geese that sounds real nice, but it's totally screwed up. Ask North Korea how their redistribution of wealth is working for them ,and if they're feeling the love.
If it growls like a duck, and it slithers like a duck, and gnashes its teeth like a duck, and it smells fowl, then it must be a duck !

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