Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gov'na , Gov'na !!! You forgot about the children !

They have piggy banks !!! Their Grandparents give them money for their birthdays, and for Christmas!!
Children are just plain stupid with their money anyway so you could confiscate, and then reallocate that money to the general fund!! Your big ,and they're little so there you go !!

California you've been killing off your tax base for at the very least 36 years. So I really don't want to hear about how much pain you're in now because you've brought it all on to yourselves you schizophrenic $%#%&#@%$%# can't seem to understand that point "A" leads to point "B", and abortion is very bad for our economy.

Arrrnold have I mentioned how much I despise traitor Catholics.


Vincenzo said...

"Arrrnold have I mentioned how much I despise traitor Catholics."

He's always been successful at whatever he's tried. With politicians, success equals getting reelected and maintaining power. So he changed his 'beliefs' to acquire that. Since he can never run for president, he also realizes that his political future ends in "coleeforneea." Expect more of the same, or worse - he'll try to run for Senate.

Vincenzo said...

Should have written "many politicians.."
A more positive story