Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let it go ladies. (as more styles trickle down from the porn industry)

When I first saw these photos all I could think of was poor Mr.Kunta Kinte. I don't like to see people wearing chains or shackle accessories.
These same swimsuits are available at Walmart except they come in solid colors of bright green , bright blue, and I think orange, but luckily they still have the metal loops, and peek - a - boo sides. Aside from not being lined or modest they are just plain ugly, and even Beyonce is having trouble pulling off this look. Please ladies don't reconfigure or restyle these into your prom dresses... PLEASE.


Vincenzo said...

click me

belinda said...

Uber tacky !!
Put my face on Beyonce instead. I think my husband would like that !!

Oh, wait please don't I'm totally teasing. My blog administrator would unplug my computer for an indefinite period of time.

Vincenzo said...

I tried an ostrich head on a different pic of Beyonce but it just wasn't working..