Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meet Earl...... My frozen foods sample guy.

He asked me to sample the Kashi Veggie bake.
(I took the fall for my 3 blog readers)
So I did , and after I tried it
I whispered to Earl , "it's really, really bad, and he said,
well maybe you don't like it because it isn't hot anymore.
I replied, "No Earl , it's not that". It's okay that it's just warmish,
but "hot" wouldn't help this anyway.
It just tastes really really terrible.
It's health food Earl..... See read the box.
It's pretending to be something that it's not...... and that would be - something good.
He let me throw it into the trash, and he smiled , and whispered sweetly to me.... "I know".
Then I asked him if he had any barbecued meat samples,
(We're from Kansas City, and that's what we like to eat)
and he said , "I wish".

I also happened to notice that the store carried electronic mouse traps,
and I thought that those traps probably have a little voice recording inside of the trap
that tries to reason with the mice to go outside.


casa da poesia said...

welcome!..."Negema wangu binti"

belinda said...

I'm not really from Kenya.
I lied, because I'm trying to avoid creepy people.
Can you say "creepers?"
Glad you stopped by !!