Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh, how my children love that "Queasy bake oven".

Does anybody want to hear about the time that I saw a life size Pillsbury dough boy running across the Nazarene campus down a hill with children hand in hand ?
It was surreal.
The lie.
Our disheartened little children try duplicating what the adults have created with the easy bake instruction manual.

The reality.
It takes about two hours to bake one cookie with a 120 watt light bulb, and the portion size serves only one person which is too bad because we need a cookie that serves a family of ten.
Upon presentation the fights break out.
This childhood toy serves as a teaching aid for our children - There is much disappointment awaiting for you as an adult.
So lower your expectations ........a lot.
(Wait till I teach them about FICA.)
Hey , Rosie that was a GRREAT cookie, but now it's time to use the big oven.

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Melody K said...

"Queasy bake oven"--LOL!
Those have been around a long time. I asked my mom for one when I was a kid. She said, "I have a better idea, I'll teach you to bake in the real oven." I was so tickled when I won a blue ribbon at the fair for a cake I made at age 10.
However the Easy Bakes are cute, and I love the little doll-sized pans. But for actually getting anything to eat they are an exercise in frustration.