Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hasenfeffer ; maybe that was - "what's for dinner?"

Some women really love rabbits.

I keep thinking about getting a cow, but the kids (and my financial adviser who also happens to be my blog administrator, my counselor, and my tour guide, oh, and I forgot he's also my athletic director.) would fall in love with it. Our rabbits were at one time my favorite of all of our pets. Although I couldn't eat anything that I loved. We could eat Sarah's devil dog "Oscar" first if we had to , but only in a pinch cause Sarah loves the little beast , but we wont eat the cats. They go last or maybe they would go after my blog administrator, cause he gets on my nerves.
*Disclaimer, I would never actually eat my blog administrator. Not even under the worst of conditions. Besides he's probably tough ,and chewy, and I doubt that he has much flavor ;)

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