Monday, June 29, 2009

I am my own worse enemy.

I have not had enough discipline in the amount of time that I have been spending on the computer so I am cutting back, and I'm putting myself on a timer. As a result I have removed myself from all other computer games of interest such as Facebook etc., but I would still like to communicate with my blogger buddies on my blog. I can't do everything on the computer so I had to make some choices. Blogging has helped me a lot personally , and I have chosen to keep it, but if I am unable to discipline myself in words , and in deed then I will have to leave it too. These decisions have been mine alone, and not my blog administrator's. In fact I am ready to walk away from the computer, but he has encouraged me to stay because he has seen how much I have grown ,and benefited from blogging. Not only in my faith , but in my private life as well. It's nothing personal dear reader . It's about discipline - which I have been lacking. I think my blogger friends are wonderful, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining, and I have learned an amazing amount of information from them, and I have grown fond of them.


Lola said...

And in the spirit of you recent post, I have awarded you an award!

Stop by and pick it up!

Melody K said...

Belinda, I'm glad you are keeping the blog. I hear you about the discipline thing (I'm not very disciplined). In fact right now I should be cleaning house. But it's more fun to read blogs.