Saturday, June 6, 2009

I bet they had a room full of toys to choose from , but they went for the paint anyway....Poor parents !

On those rare occasions when stuff like this happens I always blame myself.
This is what happens when Mom' s try to relax , or "check out" for a while.
At least this Mom has some nice foot prints for the baby books.
Nice stuff +naughty children = broken things
Which means very often you have to choose between the two - children or things,
and children most often end up as the losers.


Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, good heavens! =O I was speechless for about a minute. Well of course children would get into the paint. If we left a boring old can of paint in the middle of F.A.O. Schwartz, it would draw everyone under five feet tall like a lodestone! Poor parents, indeed!

I'm almost afraid to ask, but I can't resist . . . Belinda, are they your children? =P

belinda said...

Nope. I have 7 daughters and one son, but there have been other substances... mediums.

Lola said...

I basically have given up 'nice' things for little people.

Still, I try to keep the fair to middlin' stuff nice.

But, when ever I watch "Storm Stories' on TWC, I am reminded it's the people that are irreplaceable and everything else whether it be in a single wide trailer or a 'mc mansion' when that tornado hits it's the people that really matter. Not the collectable plates, not the rugs. And suddenly all that jewlery has only sentimental value.

God Bless you Belinda!

belinda said...

Thank you Enbrethiliel, your very sweet. God bless you too.