Sunday, July 12, 2009

I don't like the real world very much.

Our daughter Sarah called me on the phone and said , "Mom , I need to get out of the house. Let's go to the casino and spend the night out gambling and drinking champagne. Will you go with me?" I usually without fail tell people no when they ask me to go places. I don't like to go places , but this time I said yes because I 'm getting older and I want my children to have some memories of me at least trying to have fun. My financial adviser gave me some money to gamble with and although I told him that I wouldn't gamble he persisted and he got mad at me and said ,
" you wont even gamble for me?" I said , "no". I think gambling is a scummy activity. It's what societies in decline do to enrich their coffers. (I have however bought my husband lottery tickets on occasion , but I don't like doing that either)

I overheard disco music playing at the casino and I said to my daughters as the man registering us listened to me. "I think that disco music is making a comeback." Donna Summer sings great and she's a christian now!" Sarah said, "who is Donna Summer ?" The registrar man replied , "you don't know who Donna Summer is? I said, "no she doesn't know who Donna is and she doesn't know who Michael Jackson is either." "I moon walked across the kitchen floor and I told her that I invented that dance move and she believed me." Then we laughed and bonded over that joke then he gave us room number 6 -6 -8 . I began to twitch when he wrote that last number and I said," gosh, I thought that you were going to give us room number 666". "He said no I knew you were a christian and that you probably wouldn't like that." I laughed and said no I wouldn't have liked that at all actually."
We ordered dinner. The champagne was okay ,but I don't like alcohol. It tastes warm and I like cold drinks. There was no decent quality ice cream available anywhere.

After dinner Sarah and I left Ana in the hotel room and she was delighted to learn that the tub could hold about a thousand gallons of water. She also liked all of the complementary samples. We left her with the cable TV on ...C A B L E TV !! We only have 4 channels at home. When we left she was watching the Gene Simmons cable show "family jewels " YIKES !! Maybe it was room 666 after all. Watching Gene is like watching a train wreck with victims. It's a mess.

Sarah and I went to the casino and was stunned. I thought that it would be like the television commercials that I had seen. I thought everyone would be playfully yelling and laughing and having an awesome time, but that's not the reality. Sarah said , "look Mom , here is where all of our social security checks are going." I couldn't believe it no one looked happy. Everyone was smoking with and without oxygen tanks . I don't know how someone can stand to stare at machine that isn't that engaging or informative. It simply twirls round and round in a repetitive motion. It reminded me of doing laundry over and over in a repetitive motion. How could these people ever think that they would even have a chance to win against a computer game?
Twice in an hour two different large men came over to speak with me. They wondered if I needed something. I was the only person in the room not doing anything. I was thinking. I just wanted to stand around and think. I like to watch and think and I wasn't hurting anyone. I had a bunch of questions that I was trying to get answers to. Craps seemed like the only game that you even had a chance at winning. I left without playing anything and
I left thinking what the hell is wrong with these people ?
Comatose gambling zombie freaks.
They looked miserable in fact.

Yeah, I know gambling isn't a sin - to a point. Gamble away, but just don't include me.

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