Friday, July 10, 2009

Say, where is this bus headed to again ?

I had this dream where I found myself sitting on a bus . It was very much like the bus pictured above. It was an older bus from the time period of my youth even though it had been an older model than the 1960's .
As I sat on the bus the sun began to set, and the colors of the suns rays that shown inside of the bus were beautiful. The dream was sort of sepia toned in color. I looked at the driver and I wondered why we were parked and what were we waiting for. I was told that we were waiting for the people of the neighborhood that had lived on my street during the 1960's and earlier to die and that the people chatting with me on the bus had already died , even so we were waiting for more souls.
I was very excited and happy to share my faith and the kind of life that I had lived with these people. (although I didn't realize that it was probably too late) I was delighted to tell them about the influence that they had had on me as a small child. Even though they're influence was passive in nature and they couldn't have cared any less.
I was sitting in the back of the bus in front of an angry old woman and I turned around to face her and to listen to her. She began to tell me that she had been (and still was - even in death) angry with the Catholic church over a Priest that hadn't done something that she had wanted him to do. She said , "that's why I quit going to the Catholic church." She was also angry with God over a sick baby of hers that had died and all the while as she kept speaking with me her evil son who lived a life full of sin sat in the seat in front of me and as he leaned over he began to breath down my neck as he whispered something evil about his activities and then directly upon my ear. He took delight in his sins and had no apparent remorse. He was bragging about his deeds and I had seen some of his activities as he was describing them to me.

The old woman complained that God had never helped her and that her son(s) turned out so poorly and she was angry with God about that too. She had blamed God for everything bad that had happened to her and she didn't take any personal responsibility for these problems much of which she created herself.

I said to her , "how can you be angry with God when your the one that told him that you would not serve?" When a parent tells God that they wont serve you are also telling God that your children won't serve either . You made that decision for your sons too. These decisions effect generations and you can't blame God for the results of your wicked son (s). If you reject your faith how then can a life produce good results?


Then when I woke up I said to myself , "oh, crap", " I was on that purgatory bus too!"
And people who turn their back on Christ and their faith make me profoundly sad.

*Disclaimer. I don't want any wacky followers and I don't have church approval
and I don't think that I'm all that .
Even so God does speak to us sometimes through our dreams now doesn't he?
And lastly there maybe a bus parked somewhere that's waiting for you too.


Melody K said...

Dreams are weird sometimes. It seems like some of them do have a message. One time I dreamed I was dead, and was trying to tell my loved ones goodbye, and that I loved them; but of course they couldn't hear me. (Maybe I was on "Ghost Whisperer"). I guess the message I got was that I have to show love when I am still alive, because when I'm dead it will be too late.
Yeah, Belinda, I think you ought to set up a shrine in an old bus. And charge admission. Wait a minute, that would be tacky.

belinda said...

I wonder if that bus wasn't hell bound.
I can't make that bus into a shrine just yet. With the economy the way that it is I may have to live in it first. ;)