Monday, August 24, 2009

Keep Portland WEIRD !

My car Christine locked her doors automatically the other day while I was still inside and the engine was turned off .
I panicked and forgot that I could manually pull the lock ~ duh.
Every time that I stop the car she makes a ping , ping , ping , ping sound indicating that the oil level is dangerously low or non existant and it drives us nuts , but I'm kinda twitchy anyway.
However this post is about bumper stickers - not Christine my over protective car.
I've never liked stickers because I think they're tacky ,but the main reason is that if I simultaneously get out of my car as you do and we should happen to speak to each other then you would automatically hate me and the opportunity to try to convert you would be fruitless. Although I am totally okay with you hating me , I would rather you figure that out on your own and that I not serve it to you on a platter.

This bumper sticker made me angry/frustrated (pick one) but my anger/ frustration was partially because of the "Obama is our God" sticker next to it.
I'm exaggerating but not by much .
I think that non- Christians often feel that their minds are superior to ours because they are open to anything and I mean anything. If your sticker is eluding to the nonsense that a Christian mind is not a well formed mind and that we are closed to many ways of thinking then that makes you sound stupid. Christians should only be close minded to sin. If your suggesting that your mind can grasp more possibilities and greater thought then again I would say that you sound stupid.

People like you would never listen to reason . Your mind is only open if it's something that you agree with but if I makes you feel uncomfortable then you don't want to hear about it and not even if it were the voice of reason and truth because it has to fit in with your line of thinking or with your agenda.

The greatest minds that I have ever met were in a classroom of about 20 cerebrally challenged kids. I had never been in such a holy place outside the presence of the Holy Eucharist . They were amazing even though their minds weren't as sharp as yours and many have minds that are difficult to open .

If people like you people taint or poison even the least of these minds with your "anything goes" ideas then let me tell you that you're going to have hell to pay for it but hey, at least you get to go to hell with your mind wide open and fully in tact.
As I kept pondering that sticker I rightly assumed that Satan said those exact words to Eve in the Garden one fine morning just before she drove her kids to school .

AND I keep seeing a guy driving around in a burgundy car with that "Namaste" sticker.
I bet I'll be unhappy with him too after I do a "google check".
So many people to pray for Lord and so little time.
If I ever had a bumper sticker it would be this one.

*Disclaimer~ I will be unable to attend a heaven with the cerebrally challenged children.
I am clearly not good enough.
Please tell me again about your open mind theory.


Adrienne said...

My favorite bumper sticker is "God loves you, everyone else thinks you're an a**hole."

Enbrethiliel said...


Belinda, you might enjoy this recent, equally funny post from The Crescat:


Lola said...

I love that bumpersticker.

And I want one.