Monday, August 24, 2009

It ain't easy being my dog..... or my kid.

Rosie told me that she thought that Buster was hot.
Really , really hot so she decided to cut off his fur.
She loves the dog and it was her intention to help the poor thing to keep cool.
Keep in mind that she did this without my knowledge or consent.
I figure that after seeing how badly he was hacked up that she probably had made him yelp a few times and when he yelped she probably yelled at him and told him to shut up and sit still.
She cut most of the fur on his belly and around his... well , you know what and I imagine that he was sweating bullets and afraid to cry while she was doing that.
She was so proud of her work and she just knew that Buster felt better.
She imagines that he was grateful to her for her act of kindness.
(I'm sure he was grateful...when it was all over)
The moral of this story is that school has started and Buster and I say thanks be to God.

Look, he's embarrassed to be photographed now !

Here's "the crusher" wearing his "sister beater" t- shirt.
The boy loves to wear grandpa clothes.
You know , white Velcro shoes (because he's too lazy to tie them) and elastic waist pants for supreme comfort.
Oh, and long white socks up to his knees just like his daddy ... aw....

Mr. Trouble has just had his sixth birthday . He wanted a deer rifle... hahahahahahaha
Fat chance mister and go cry somewhere where I don't have to hear it. ( I ooze sympathy)
Hey, there's always next Christmas !
Maybe you could ask for a rapid firing machine gun and a bowie knife. hahahahaha
(It's important that they learn how to manage heartbreak and disappointment at a young age)
I do think I 'll buy him a drill and some dry wall compound and teach him how to repair things.


Melody K said...

Poor Buster! He's a patient pup.

belinda said...

Yeah, he is. Our cats taunt him too.
We got him because Ana prayed for a dog ten years ago. I told her no but if we ever did get a dog I would want him to be black , mean looking and house trained.

A few days later this dog showed up on our porch. House trained.

Just one of the many, many reasons why I believe in God.

Enbrethiliel said...


That's a great story about Buster, Elena. It sounds as if God sent you a great dog.

Good luck with Mr. Trouble! ;-)