Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rabies never looked so nasty.

This morning bright and early I took out the trash that I had forgotten about last night and to my surprise there were two opossums in my trash can (one is hiding under some trash) and I nearly had a coronary. Fortunately my animal control officer was home and he pushed over the cans so that they could escape. Our daughter Grace said , " dad , don't hurt him, and Joseph said, "dad let's keep him! " "Can I keep him please , PLEASE ?" I wanted a pet for my birthday anyway! I said to my animal control officer , "well there's a viable option , a free birthday gift and it requires no vaccines or veterinary services. We wont have to feed it either because it feasts upon our garbage and if it doesn't work out there's always opossum stew." It's another win- win for me and child services never has to know.


Enbrethiliel said...


I take it that your animal control officer was also the official photographer? =)

Cute little critters, by the way!

belinda said...

My animal control officer is also my blog administrator, and my guidance counselor , my jeweler, my financial advisor, my chauffeur, my Indian trail guide, my activities director and my mechanic. He's my husband and he doesn't like it when I talk about him so I give him silly names and pretend that I don't talk about him. Have you noticed that he's mostly all I talk about?
And yes he is also my photographer.