Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yellowstone Wyoming

Here's one of the highest peaks in Yellowstone and there's a cabin on the very top of that mountain in the background. We were unable to reach our final destination because Rosie started crying and she was tired. We don't climb when children cry. In fact crying children shut down the whole operation which we had to abort.... but at least we got to play in the snow.
My fitness instructor said that he lost seven pounds during vacation.
I wouldn't have a clue if I lost any weight. I don't speak to my scale anymore.
Why do you think that God put flowers on top of mountains.
Who's gonna know? People usually don't go up there anyway.
He must be doing this stuff for himself too and not just for us.


Melody K said...

It kind of reminds me of "The Sound of Music" when they're singing "Climb Every Mountain". You know, the scene where they are running away from the Nazis and they decide to ditch the car and go over the mountains.

belinda said...

I happened to think about that when I was up there too.
I thought how difficult the real family had climbing and crossing the mountains. Of course if your life depended upon it the journey would be less whiny but little children get so tired and I was glad to turn back too. The air was thinner and I felt like each step was begining to be a struggle.... It wasn't that bad either.