Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've lost my light saber. It's somewhere in the garage.

I had to use the force today.
We were playing mind games. I had to think fast because unstable people don't think things through and they rarely consider the consequences of what they're saying or doing. I love the person who I had to speak with but you couldn't reason with this person and with unreasonable and unstable people you may need the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit to reach them ; sometimes there is no other way. I have always wondered why God had put me with the childhood family that he chosen for me. Those head games have served me well and I am able to quickly recognize them and uncover them so to speak. Boy do people get mad when you tell them that they're standing there naked in front of you. Geese I hate games. I wont play with you, well not for long anyway.
*If your not feeling very well mentally please go and get some help. You shouldn't suffer if you don't have to. It would be a blessing to you and to those around you if you would.
And Father, Please help me to meet the needs of the people around me and let me start with my own family and then I'll fan out. Thank you God and thanks for setting me straight too and you can have all of my self righteousness I'm done with it.

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