Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let those who have never been a jackass before cast the first stone.

I feel sorry for people who fail to control their emotions and get caught up in some sort of a moment. People who do these kinds of things often times find that their apology doesn't seem to be good enough. I think that the offended parties want blood or maybe a head on a platter. Often forgiveness isn't even an option and redemption seems to be out of the question. My guidance counselor calls people who can't control their temper or emotions - emotionally immature.
They're people who simply act upon their emotions and are unable to see what the consequences of their actions will be and so often they say or do whatever is on their mind with no regard for the people around them.
Generally speaking, I don't think that these people do these things on purpose.
They just aren't thinking.
I often wonder how you repair the damage done ?
You can't.
You can't unsay or undo any of your actions ,but fortunately the pain from our actions is the quickest and most effective teacher.

*Disclaimer.. I'm not defending bad behavior. I'm just trying to understand it and why it happens. These sins of mine have given me a deep humility and
have forced me - by my own actions to depend more upon Jesus. I have no other options.
I can't fix any of my sins and there's no other means to salvation.
I know what hypocrites are, but what do you call a person who refuses to forgive?
...I think the words would be "hell-bound".


Luckyman said...

You have some interesting posts which I enjoy to read. The sad thing about this post is that at some point, the "offended" just get wore out by the "offenders". I've actually known people who have driven their family away because of this. As for forgivness, this also is important.

belinda said...

Yes it's true. We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves , but we too have an obligation to try to be loveable.

These behaviors do wear people out - many of whom are already tired and stressed out themselves.

Kevin - "pax tecum" said...

70 x's 70 times

Melody K said...

Thanks, Belinda. I needed to hear, "Let those who have never been a jackass before cast the first stone." I got mad at a loved one this weekend for acting without thinking of the consequences but I really need to let go of it.

belinda said...

Melody, I understand what you are saying. For me personally I have no trouble forgiving the persons who have been a jackass towards me. I hold no person bound by their sins to me, but I have the worst time forgiving myself for the people who I have hurt.
My husband says to me.. So , you went to confession and Christ forgives you ,but you wont forgive yourself? Do you think that your better than God? My reply.. oh great, now I feel much better thanks.

I don't know how to forgive myself 70 X's 70. Maybe I will start saying the prayer that I say for my children.... Dear Father, I forgive (child's name) just as you have forgiven me and today they get a clean slate - a fresh start and the pain and anger that I felt towards them yesterday is no longer relevant.

Lola said...

I could be in the sunglasses with you.

Thanks for the visual delight!

belinda said...

Lola, that's the most embarrassing photo of myself that I could find. Well there is one worse not counting the time that I was with an Elvi - (a single clone of a Elvis impersonator, one apart from the rest) ,but it was a swimsuit photo- I'm not sadistic.