Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Diane, Your playing a game of chicken with a train and the results could be disastrous.

Ironically I can remember my father playing this game as he was driving us to your house for dinner. Dad probably assumed that it was his awesome driving skills that saw us through those harrowing driving scenarios, but I can say with certainty it was not .
As a child I loved your family. I was speaking with my father about this the other day and he also said that there was peace at your house and a love and a kindness that your family shared with each other and it could be felt by outsiders and it's one of the reasons why I 'm Catholic today .
Now , with that said, as you may have guessed , I am concerned that your not going to Mass. When Christ instituted the church and the sacraments he didn't say to the crowds , "feel free to worship me in any way that you see fit". In fact the opposite is true. Granted personal prayer and daily reflections are very important and a way to nurture a relationship that should have been made only richer and deeper by the sacraments. The idea of saying , "I'm religious but I don't go to Mass", is ludicrous, sinful and self deceptive , people lie to themselves all of the time, or they allow themselves to be deceived, but consider the cost of such lies.

If you are able, please go to confession and communion , please have anointing of the sick and do it now while you are still able to walk , next week may be too late. When you're at deaths door you may change your mind only your husband my not heed your request. No man is worth going to hell for. If you can not get these things done. I would be glad to drive you to a Priest of your choosing, just call me, but if your too sick I can also sneak a Priest to you. Please don't allow yourself to die outside of the Catholic faith (it's your heritage, and your right) , the faith that I picked up from your family is the same faith that means everything to me , it's this faith that you have stored away on a shelf. When confronted, we always choose our Catholic faith over other people and if those people are not happy with our choice then we show them to the door. I know that this is a tough thing to do , I've had to do it myself , but hell is forever. Please stop playing chicken with a train the stakes are too high. Christ wants you back for himself and more than you could even possibly imagine. Your gambling with "you", and honey, I'm terrified that your going to lose.

*Please pray for my friend Diane, she has cancer and it's fast spreading .

If I get to go to heaven and find that she's not there , I will be heartbroken.


Melody K said...

I'll pray for Diane.

belinda said...

Thank you. :)

Lola said...

I'll also pray for your friend.

Adrienne said...

I read this when you first posted it and had to come back and tell you what a touching post it is. I was way too tired the first time through to say anything intelligent (not that I'm any smarter now)

Beautifully written. I'll pray for your friend!

belinda said...

Thank you Miss Adrienne, I love you and all of our blogger buddies.