Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My blog administrator made the mistake of criticizing the amount of work that I had accomplished the other day. Keep in mind that I am a type "A" (for Annoying) person and an overachieving homemaker (hahahaha) ( which I fully intend on putting upon a job application some day ;) and because I no longer have job burnout, I now have goals .... lots of 'em and they're nearly unattainable - who could ever achieve that much? I'm not reasonable with myself. The days of me sitting around the computer depressed for long hours have come to an end , but because the computer is centrally located I do check my email and listen to YouTube. I try to blog within the time frame that my Priest has given to me. Family and friends have asked me to get back on face book and although I miss them, I want to stay outta trouble.
And strangely I am happier than I have ever been even though
I think the world as we know it is coming to a close........bummer (I know).
Anyway , I created and sent my blog administrator his very own personal blog post where in I discussed the error of complaining about the quality of service which I provide and his response was to send me flowers.
Sarah walked by the bouquet and said , "hum, what did Dad say?" as she laughed and
later that day Grace walked by and said , "aww, Dad is so nice", I said, "um , yeeaaaah."
Our children have always like him best.

*I listened to my florist/ blog administrator's heartbeat the other day and it said,
"blin-da, blin-da, blin-da" at 73 beats per minute. Sweet !


anastasiawilly said...
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belinda said...

Did you keep it? What was the reel of ?
If it was John Kennedy visits Ireland or if it was a picture of WW2 airplanes mail it to me okay? Maybe that was the Holy Spirits way of saying ... "Pray for your Mom"
Joseph got your letter and he was thrilled. He will post something for you on my blog.

Dad hit a deer with the less crappy white car. He's fine but not sure about the deer. Now it's the more crappy white car. Poor Daddy, the other employees drive to work in nice cars but Dad's car keeps getting worse. He doesn't want a nice car anyway .... he wants a plane.

belinda said...

Ana you must remove your last name if you want to post my blog.
Love you Anabanana.

anabanana said...

no.....they were throwing it around like a frisbee. Haha could he read it? and what happened to the deer?

P.S. you know you can text me....you pretty much have a keyboard on your phone...

belinda said...

I can't text you because I can't see that small. Do they make cell phones for the elderly with big fat keys?

Dad believes that the deer is no longer with us the poor thing hobbled away.