Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The starting bid over on EBay is $499.00.

The person listing this reel lot has said that if the winning bid is over $3,000,
he would include free shipping!
The optimism of some people crack me up.
You know they set themselves up for disappointment.
Greed can be kinda funny.
I restrained myself from making any suggestions to him.
I see no point in provoking someone to anger when disappointment is looming anyway.
He has 18 hours left.


Vincenzo said...

I want some warm apple dumplings.

belinda said...

Gosh they were exellent. They were gone in no time. That was the best dessert that I've ever had and it was made possible by a 10 year old.
Those dumplings would have made 'ol Martha Stewert cry with envy. Oh, wait we used her pie crust ... never mind.

Vincenzo said...