Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How I spent my October vacation... Day 1

We left on Thursday at noon and arrived at the Silver dollar city theme park at 4:00 and when you arrive late in the day at a theme park there are bits of broken candy everywhere that stick to the bottom of your shoes and there's a thin coat of kid slime on all of the handrails and surfaces. I took Sarah and Kate to ride on "Wildfire" as the rest of us stayed behind to watch. There was a viewing binocular stand that cost 25c to look through and Joseph kept trying to see through them, but he was too short. I was sure that there had been type 1 herpes ocular simplex on the eye lens portion of the machine from the last person viewing the beautiful Ozark mountain country side and I had imagined that there was still some sort of eye drainage on it, so I insisted that Joseph settle for pretending that it was a gun and that he continue shooting the roller coaster riders as they blazed by. This is the ride where grown men scream like little six year old girls.

Below is video footage of my son and what he was doing while everyone else was scrambling atop the stairs to be the first to ride on Wildfire.

We played at the park for about two hours then we left to eat dinner . When we arrived at our
camp site, our activities director had our camp already set up. Yeah, we camped and it was about 40 degrees outside. (at least it wasn't raining) I slept inside the van with Rose, Kate and Grace and they had comfy bench seats with down filled military mountain range sleeping bags and were toasty, but for the rest of the family that slept outside
it was another matter altogether.
I was grateful for not having slept with the "urine-natour"or the "barf-a-natour" (same kid and I'll never tell which one it was, I'm a loyal Mom) My poor activities director took it all in stride as he always does. He never gets mad about those kind of things and he never ever makes a kid feel bad about themselves when these things happen. I married the nicest man in the world.

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