Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The nicest man ever !

My flooring installation guy came home two weeks ago and announced that he would be refinishing the kitchen floor before Thanksgiving.
The first thing that we did was to paint the ceiling. Then it took him a week and a half to complete the floor.
I will touch up the mouldings and the cabinets today and I will refinish 6 bar stools as soon as I can get to them which probably will be after Thanksgiving.
I am hopeful that I can talk him into refinishing two lower cabinet door fronts worn from where we stand to wash the dishes and cook.

He also installed four window blinds and I'm really happy with those.

The floor looks beautiful , thank you Paul !!
Just so ya know, in January I would like to refinish a bedroom floor too.


Lola said...

Wood floors, oh so gorgeous!

Melody K said...

Belinda, those floors are beautiful! Did Paul do all that? If so, he's very multi-talented.