Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Say Vincenzo, Skippy needs a ride to Mass on Sunday. Would you mind swinging by his place?

It might be a problem though because he's obscured his address.
I was gonna ask Cathy but I thought she might feel awkward.
He appears to be a real catch though.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Mom,
So I've started emailing you on your blog, because I'm not sure that you get the emails I send you and Dad...Sorry I was still groggy when you called earlier. My classes this semester are on a ridiculous schedule. I get out every night at 10pm and then I don't usually sleep until 2 or 3, but at least I get to get up later. I just wanted to tell you thanks for all the stuff you sent me. I have already started using it, and much of it is stuff I probably needed, but never really got around to buying, but life is much easier with them, so I should have bought them long ago! Like medicine, I just always thought I'd go get some if I were sick, not really thinking about how I wouldn't want to go out if I were sick. :P Anyway, Thank you very much! I hope you didn't spend too much money on me, though, because I know how expensive it can be to take care of the family, and I know you don't get extra money too often. But, Thankyou!
The mailman brought the smaller package and I was surprised by how big it was, and then he said there's another one, and when he walked back with the larger one I started cracking up, because he's a short, skinny asian man, like maybe 5 foot 2, and the box was half his size! I think he knows me now as the girl who gets really big care packages from home.
Anyway, I hope you are all doing well...I read that the march was this last week, and I saw Grace in the pic on your blog. Who else went?

Vincenzo said...

I want a care package!
Hey, we all have farms on Facebook now. I just grew 6 foot diameter pumpkins. Father R. even has a plantation. Cathy must have harvested recently - nothing there except for her Buffalo topiary.

Vincenzo said...

Swissmiss needs a new neighbor so she can increase her farm size, and get more crops. Come join.

belinda said...

Elizabeth, I'm glad you got your packages. I was worried. I will send you more stuff in the future. Please tell me the things you need so that I don't waste our time and postage by sending needless things.
My email is
Cheesy puffs as packing material- brilliant!!
I love you , your welcome. I'm secretly wealthy.
Please ask your buddies if anyone can teach me how to post animated stereo cards onto my blog - such as this...

belinda said...

Mr.Vince, the care packages were awesome. Who wouldn't want the postman to bring fresh underwear and Cheetos to your front door??

I already live on a farm and I suck at farming. In fact I am such a poor farmer that because the seeds that Joseph and I planted didn't grow, I drove to the store and bought pumpkins and hid them in the garden. They were expensive too!! Joseph was thrilled to discover that he is in fact a marvelous gardener!

Thank you for inviting me to farmville.
I would love to play on the farm with Miss Swiss, and the gang but the man upstairs and the man in my kitchen think that I spend too much time on the computer already.

I miss my face book friends. :(
Did Cathy get properly caffeinated today? Did Vince eat pancakes or waffles and is there a difference? Did Leo have a successful day at work?
(he writes about his adventures, and his day was always much cooler than mine)

And I miss the wonderful religious who I learned so much from.

Vincenzo said...

I looked at one of the pics at that site:

GIF image (animated, 2 frames)

So it's an animated .gif. What you would do I guess, is take each image from the stereo card, and convert each to separate .gif format images, and then combine both frames into a single image via a .gif animating program. Then post at your blog like any other image.

Vincenzo said...

If you meant that you just want to post animated ones that you find on the net, just save and upload.

Vincenzo said...

"They were expensive too!! Joseph was thrilled to discover that he is in fact a marvelous gardener!"

LOL that's funny.

belinda said...

Okay so here's my Craig Ferguson email that I plan on sending.

I don't like the ending and I have to tweak it.
Dear Mr.Craig,
My daughter attends one of those fancy -schmancy art schools down the street from you and has promised me that if I visit her from Kansas she would take me to see your show. My daughters and husband have seen your show before and had enjoyed it . My girls thought you were dreamy, however my husband did not. Which was a good thing for both you and I.

My problem is that I'm scared of the airport body scans and possible probing and I can't ride in the car with my other children all the way from Kansas because when I got there I would end up crazy and playing car tag on the Santa Monica Boulevard. What should I do?
Sincerely , Belinda - from Kansas

Thank you both for sending information on how to post stereo cards. Now can you explain it to me again but this time in "English"?

I don't want these people forgotten on the stereo cards. I really wanna figure this out.

Vincenzo said...

"Thank you both for sending information on how to post stereo cards. Now can you explain it to me again but this time in "English"?

I don't want these people forgotten on the stereo cards. I really wanna figure this out."

Your letter to Craig is good.
OK I found an online free utility that makes animated .gifs.

So, you scan your stereo card with a scanner. Cut out each of the two photos in Photoshop - saving them as two separate images, both in .gif format.

Then, you go here:

And upload both of the frames and then click "create animated .gif." Then save that pic to your hard drive, then, upload it to Blogger or a free image host - post.

I tried it earlier:

click here

belinda said...

Thank you so much Vince !
I will work on this Monday when the kids head back to school.

Vincenzo said...

Welcome. At that site, set "Delayed milliseconds" to a small number to make it flip back and forth fast and set "Animation Loop" to zero for infinity.