Monday, March 15, 2010

Two minutes and fifty-six seconds of pure entertainment.

I love the guy at the end  who looks disappointed as the song winds down.
I noticed that there weren't any gay couples.
No one can deny that the gay movement has made a lot of progress in what seems
 to be a short period of time.


Texas Mom said...

I love this song. Belinda. I tried out to the Franklin Junior High Drill Team in 1973 to "Love Train"!

I also love your blog, Belinda. Who would have thought we would be so sentimental about the 70"s? You make me laugh -- and you make me cringe. Just like my kids.

Texas Mom

belinda said...

Thank you Miss Mom,
I'm sorry I make you cringe.
I love the song too. I use to watch soul train as a youngster and I use to try to sing/say the souuuullll train logo with the soul train guy.

To be honest I hated the 70's and the 60's I was a miserable kid and so serious but I'm not that person anymore.

I laugh everyday now.
My Maria asked me if we were going to the St. Pats parade tomorrow and I said well do ya have anything green to wear? She said, "Yeah", then I told her that that she's half German too so what could we call our German parade?

I said an invasion. hahaha

belinda said...

Did you make the team?

I was an "emo" kid with nicer clothes.

Texas Mom said...

No, I didn't make the team. I marched off in the wrong direction. I still cringe at that memory. I was too clumsy and nerdy for the drill team. Truly, I can't believe I tried out. I think I can still do part of the routine. The girls who made the team were skinny and had long straight hair that they curled every morning on orange juice cans. Is that a Texas thing or did you do that in Kansas? When you say 70's emo, do you mean long bell bottoms and smock tops???

I ended up going to the local Catholic girls school. I liked my plaid skirt and saddle oxfords and the nuns there were still pretty sweet. I never saw a single girl there in orange juice cans.

I've had some terrible ideas involving fascist regimes about the German Potato salad parade, but they mostly come from living with too many teenage boys. Your house probably smells like hair products. Mine smells like shoes.

You make me laugh -- a lot!

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Rachel -- from Dallas, but my Dad is from Kansas

Terry Nelson said...

I love this song too.

belinda said...

Your house probably smells like hair products. Mine smells like shoes.

Hahahaha that's so funny, yet it's true on my end. Our house does smell like perfume, and hair chemicals. (green hair dye for St. Pats day) It's kind of sickening though especially since our dog Buster got hit with a skunk a few days ago and all of these smells kind of congeal.