Friday, March 19, 2010

What would Jesus do?

After spending the past week with my children (some of whom are grown now) I would like to offer a few "refresher" suggestions about  some rudeness I happened to notice. ( I would'a  noticed even if I were comatose.)  I would like to remind my children that it's  important to act like a "Lady" ( or a "gentleman" ) and even around family or close friends. It's not okay to be rude just because your comfy around the people your offending. ( I'm flattered)

If you want to have long lasting relationships (with spouses or friends) it's important to treat the people you love with the same amount of respect  and consideration that  you would give to your local  Walmart "grocery checker". You wouldn't even consider doing some of the things I've seen lately in front of your friends but if you do these things then you can't use the excuse .....  "My friends should take me as I am"   because I know we can do better.

1) Belching like whales is soooo unattractive and to say, "Mom, I 'm just being myself " doesn't cut it. Sure it was cute when you were babies but I'm over it now and if  you should accidentally happen to go there then you had better not derive any humor from it because it's gross. Apologize and  at least pretend to have remorse.

2) Passing um ,  unattractive smells is never ever allowed in public and if it should happen blame your brother. He still takes pride in those kind of things and it makes you come off smelling like a rose but the best plan would be for you to excuse yourself then go and take care of your business.  No"chem trails" are allowed either as you must always try to be polite.

3) Allowing  doors to slam into your younger siblings for pleasure or otherwise when we are out and about  is never a good idea. They look up to you for guidance and  besides your supposed to be setting a good example. I can't afford  medical co-pays for injuries nor  psychiatric bills from your lapse in good judgement. Help the little ones as you have been helped by your older siblings. I can't be everywhere at once no matter how hard I try to bi-locate.

4) When you speak to your friends on the computer with "Live Chat" or on the telephone  it would be considerate to announce to your family that you've invited a friend into our home so that as with any guest we can be on our best behavior. We never betray one another as we respect the dignity and privacy of each of our family members. And never text someone while your chatting with yet another person it's incredibly rude.

5) I'm not allowed to cuss so neither are you. Your dad hates it and finds it distasteful. Your not allowed to blame your parents for your "failures" either and not even if we happened to be sailors on shore leave. Grown ups shouldn't blame their "Mommy and Daddy"  for their sins because they assess and correct their sins on their own as adults should. (Anyway it makes you look like a fool when you  blame your parents for your problems.)

6) Just because you get married or have a great boyfriend it doesn't mean you can be impolite. You have to always say, "Please" and "Thank you" and treat the person you care about with the utmost respect. Inconsideration can lead to divorce and broken relationships. It's not about being yourself , it's about having enough love, respect  and consideration for the people your with to think about their feelings and perhaps they're feeling like they really don't want to smell you today nor deal with your crap.

7) It's rude to run around the house in your unmentionables and it's not acceptable to say "It's just my family"  because some family members may feel  uncomfortable and even if you may feel quite at ease. It's about consideration for others.

8) Relieving yourself out side must be done on cloudy days and behind something and never in the wide open field and always facing away from the neighbors house. Remember,  family members  don't want to "Catch" you either nor do we want to have to explain what your doing to the neighbors. (whom we love) Although they may have already caught a clue.

9) Do not crack your knuckles it's disgusting and you it makes you sound old and  brittle and it's not amusing or charming in any way.

10) Don't fight with your siblings or anyone else in public and no public meltdowns. You must control your emotions.  I know I haven't always set a good example here but keep in mind I only yell at people in public  about social justice issues. (someone mistreating another person etc...)  but remember there is always a price to be paid for non- compliance or confrontations with others. You could get hurt or worse.

Keep in mind that if your Dad and I argued even a fraction of the amount that you and your siblings argue you would all need immediate counseling. Ask yourselves - if your really being fair to your parents? Am I the son or daughter that God intends for me to be?

11) You must respect the property of other family members. Your not allowed to touch your sibling things without asking- again it's an issue of respect.

Your parents aren't perfect people but this is as good as it gets so let's  shape up around here because  people watch us more closely than other families and often times they try to find any excuse to ridicule
larger families as they consider us to be fools. Let's not give anyone else a lame excuse for using birth control ,...okay?

Mark 12:30-31

30 ) Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. 31) The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."

*If  Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves, don't we then have an obligation to try to be lovable? 
Never forget that we worship God by the way we treat the people who he's created for himself.

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Melody K said...

Good ones, Belinda, especially #6. I think disregarding common courtesy that we would extend to a perfect stranger gets a lot of marriages in trouble.
LOL, a lot of your post sounds like boy behavior, you mean girls do it too? I only had boys.(My sisters and I never got in trouble, it was all our brothers' fault!)