Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm coming off a two day migrane. The first day I offered up for the Holy Father as Mr.Nelson over at the Abbey had suggested in the recent past. The second day is for the man who drove past me on his way to work while drinking a beer for breakfast.

I'm still left with nausea and a buzzing head but I have someone I want to offer that up for too, so I kinda hope I feel a bit worse. 

 I've firmly decided I  don't want to go to hell when I die. I hate pain and I'm going to try harder to avoid the place because mostly  I've been a slacker christian - no perfection here. Please God help me not to sin today. Help me to show love and compassion to the people who you send in my way- um , I mean  my path and please help me to control my temper and if I slap anyone today please help me to have real good aim. (Spiritually speaking of course) Clearly you can see I have a defective personality but I'm working on it.

God bless all of you blogger buddies who have been so kind to me.

*Jesus are you wearing a scapular?! Me too!!


Anonymous said...

You don't happen to know His cell phone number, do you Belinda? I really need it.

belinda said...

If I had it I promise I would share! I'll mention to him that you would like to chat! hahaha

I know where you can find him though

Melody K said...

Sorry you've had a migraine, Belinda! They're the worst. I'm a wuss about pain, too, not to mention a slacker Christian. Take care of yourself.

nazareth priest said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!
Migraines are horrible. (I used to have them regularly until I was diagnosed with "sleep apnea"...use the CPAP every night...they're gone for the most part).
Hope you are feeling better.
And, regarding the scapular...they wanted me to take off "my necklace" when I was in hospital last week (a long story...I'm okay);
no way did I part with our Lady's mantle!
Prayers and blessing from here!
Take care, dear.

Terry Nelson said...

I hope you're feeing better hon!

belinda said...

Thank you all.