Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's wrong with you people!?

I'm  angry with Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga because of their new music videos. Surprisingly Aguilera's video is actually pornier than Gaga's which I didn't think was possible. Christina has topped Gaga in both, "lack of good taste" and  in direct disordered sexual nastiness but not in blasphemy, Gaga rules in that department, but here's the deal, it's why I'm most angry (besides for the fact that children watch  this stuff)..... they're both supposed to be Catholic!

My blog administrator doesn't agree with me when I say that Protestants look at Catholics in entertainment and politics and scoff at us behind our backs and say we're fools or worse. In my youth as a Baptist, I know what Protestants say about us in their Sunday sermons and around their dinner tables in private and the behavior of some/many is making us look really bad and it's a wonder to me when people still choose to convert to  Catholicism as  now many Catholics make  Catholicism appear to be a joke. ( I mean no disrespect towards Christ or his Saints- all of whom I dearly love.)

I remember reading an excerpt from something Lucille Ball had said about the matter........

On June 19, 1949, in the local cathedral of Our Lady of the Valley, Father Michael Hurley officiated at the Roman Catholic wedding of Desiderio and Lucille Arnaz... Eight years after the first Arnaz marriage, with DeDe and Cleo (family) looking on and wiping away tears, Ed Sedgwick gave the bride away... Looking back many years later, Lucy noted: "It was a beautiful ceremony and I believed in it. At the time, I seriously intended to become a Catholic. I took instruction for a long time, but lost the inspiration when I realized that Catholicism did not seem to help Desi in his life."

(Lucille Ball never became Catholic because of the lifestyle and choices her husband had made. He was "The" excuse even so, a rather viable excuse not to convert if you ask me. Of course you and I understand about the Eucharist and we wouldn't  let a wayward husband or any person  stand between us and Christ now that we know the truth but Lucy must have not been able to understand. Perhaps she was blinded and angered by her husbands betrayal and sins.)

Personally, I believe our persecution is coming and these entertainers and politicians are quietly yet effectively adding fuel to our fires and giving future prosecutors seemingly good excuses for our demise.

*Please God protect  all of our children from these replicating visual sins.

Lastly, ladies, please tell us what your hand signals mean, I think they actually do mean something. Perhaps in part, the signals are saying your both up to no good.


Lola said...

Belinda, when I read about Lucy's near conversion again in your blog it just makes me wonder how many others would love to jump in and swim in Catholocism but the Catholics in their life discourage them? I hope to never be a discouragement.(Although, I may/might/will be a discouragement!)

I really don't get Lady Gaga. I really thought she was a drag queen. Imagine my surprise...
I'm getting old.

Enbrethiliel said...


Your impression is close enough, Lola. I think Lady Gaga would like to be a drag queen. (I'm not kidding!)

Belinda, your post hits home because I know I've must have been a huge discouragement (the official term being "scandal") to many people who have known me--and without even trying to.

At the end of my two years in New Zealand, a girl I barely knew, but whom I had always admired and probably would have befriended if we had known each other long enough--well, this girl came to me with a goodbye present and a card thanking me for being such an inspiration in the way I lived my faith. Which was a shock to me, because by the time our paths had crossed, I had honestly stopped trying to do "Catholic PR."

And my next thought after reading her card was to wonder how many people I might have turned off, again, without even trying to. For the fact is that whether we like it or not--heck, whether we opt out of it or not--we are all responsible for each other. Sometimes that thought is so scary that I want to go and be an anchoress in some desert.

belinda said...

Lola, I watched a home movie about Lucy and Desi and Desi use to tell his son "Dont be afraid to ask the man upstairs for help no matter how unworthy you think you may be."

everyone is screwed up in their own special way.

belinda said...

Miss E, who isn't a sinner and a disappointment to somebody? We're all in the same boat.

Yes, we are our brothers keeper. My problem is letting people help me and acknowledging that I do in fact need others. I've always pretended that I didn't need anyone.
BTW...I made 10 cakes for my husbands birthday party... there were 53 people at my home but there was supposed to be about
80-ish and your red velvet cake was a party favorite!!! Thanks for sharing the secret formula!

swissmiss said...

I'm old and haven't seen either video, but know that Lady Gaga is a strong supporter of many things I don't support. I just read a book on Dean Martin and am amazed at how many Catholics can have a public and private life that are at odds with each other. For me, I don't see how this is possible.

belinda said...

"Catholics can have a public and private life that are at odds with each other. For me, I don't see how this is possible."
Me either Miss Swiss! I don't understand how anyone can turn their back on our church or betray it's members. I also wonder how a person can live a life time and never consider hell. I'm a sinner- not a perfect Catholic at all and I think about it often as I want to avoid the place. I wont give up this faith. It's mine and at one time it cost me a lot. It means everything to me. I'm stupefied by the people who not only dont give a crap about it but want to destroy it from within. Siding with Satan blows my mind.

Angela M. said...

For many Catholics their faith is more of a cultural and ethnic thing. My DIL is from S. America and when we went to the wedding we expected to see every home draped in rosaries and crucifixes. Not. They just "do church" because that's what they've all done and they want a pretty place to get married. I am not saying ALL South Americans are this shallow. I think they are probably on par with North Americans. Church is just what you 'do' on Sunday. No wonder Pentecostal churches are making such headway in traditionally Catholic countries - if a person doesn't know what - or should I say WHO - the Eucharist is - then I don't think there is much hope of keeping them in the Church or staying faithful.