Monday, August 16, 2010

 Dear Mr. Jenner,
  The new photos of your 14 year old daughter- Kendall have alarmed me. I'm wondering when your gonna pull your head outta your rear and put a stop to the continuing saga of nonsense which your family produces and serves in mass quantities to the public like McDonald's produces gas and indigestion.

If you continue to drag your feet in this matter and allow your wife to wear the track shorts in your family then this poor child is going to end up needing a consult at your local  "Women's Health and reproductive services facility"..... Yes indeed, Kendall is growing up and maturing, it's a shame for her sake, that you and your wife couldn't do the same.

*FYI - Remember Bruce when you specifically said she could wear only a little eyeliner!?
Note; Gentlemen readers -that's kid cleavage guard your thoughts- twice!


Enbrethiliel said...


Only fourteen?!?!?!?! Poor, poor girl. I hope her father does stand up and take charge. He knows it's wrong, even if he lets his wife rule him in these matters.

belinda said...

I was just reading your blog Miss E. and trying to decide if we have seen the remake of yours mine and ours.

Enbrethiliel said...


Belinda, would you e-mail me, please? I want to send you something. My e-mail address is on my profile.

belinda said...

Angela M. said...

Belinda, I copied your email into my address book. Thanks!

ignorant redneck said...


thanks for reminding us guys that we are supposed to be gentlemen, and that that's kid cleavage.

I will add to that: In my experience, that's doomed kid cleavage.

Even letting someone take pictures like that of your daughter qualifies you as a scummy perv, in my book!