Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm so sorry to read that Steven Tyler keeps falling off of the stages where he preforms  :'(
I was lucky enough to find raw video footage of some of these
 unfortunate mishaps and as always I'm here to  lend my prayerful support.    
Here below you can plainly see Mr.Tyler falling off of a cliff
and as expected  the  crowds were a very supportive bunch.

And sadly, he falls yet again while rock climbing in Acadia - Bar Harbor, Maine.
(Imagine his disappointment when he climbed to the top of the cliff only to discover  there wasn't a bar anywhere in site!  :(
*Note the high pitched girly scream- Steven's distinctive trademark.

Next we find Mr.Tyler endorsing a limited number of AWESOME "Signature design" ladders on QVC.

And if all of those episodes weren't bad enough,.... there had been a concert performance in Turkey
and well I can't even talk about it....

We always say  a "Hail Mary " whenever we see an ambulance....I'm on it!


Julie said...

"And that has never happened!"

Lol! I think I will use this line whenever I want to deny an unpleasant reality.
Thanks, Belinda.
Sometimes I think we should be paying you for these.

belinda said...

Dear Miss Julie, I noticed the creepy woman on QVC tried to blame a slick floor for the mans unfortunate fall- which had nothing to do with it. This is often how some people who excel in word manipulation operate. How many people who watched that show came away thinking it happened because of a slick floor when we can see he simply miss stepped a rung in the ladder.

I'm thinking I should take down this post because my daughters didn't think it was funny.I don't want to offend any of my blogger buddies.

Julie said...

Daughters tend to have really high standards. Mine scolded me last week for being judgmental.(She was right.)
She also doesn't like it when I swear even mildly.
I might be miffed, but she is the only person who calls me on these things that maybe Jesus doesn't overlook either.

belinda said...

Maybe, but as I remind my daughters it's not their place to judge me. I have judged my repentant parents harshly and for that I will pay and it's no matter if I was correct in my assertions of them or not. I had sinned big time.

I haven't been in their shoes, I haven't had to go through the things they had to go through nor am I able to comprehend how they themselves dealt with their life's pains. I've finally accepted them for the flawed people who they are. I hope my children will do the same for me.

*I know you didn't ask for all of that but I had to get it off of my chest. :)

Terry Nelson said...

You are hysterical!

belinda said...

Not really Mr.Terry, Steven Tyler is.

Lola said...

If I were thin I think I might just look like Steven Tyler. Lips and everything. Only my hair would be curlier.

Maybe just wishful thinking.

I hope I don't get judged to harshly by my darlings as they grow up, but sadly I'm starting to see a great ball of evidence that they already are.

belinda said...

Lola honey, you will have to answer to God for your parenting skills - not your children. When we sin against our children- and we all have at one time or another, we say we're sorry and move on. (My temper, or not listening enough etc..)

Our kids need to learn we're human too and that we also need forgiveness but even so I'm still in charge.

My husband is a better parent than I am but the best thing I could ever do for my children is to take them to confession - to learn the value of forgiving and being forgiven.

Lola said...


By goodness that is by far the best parenting advice I have Evah heard.

I'm not kidding.

God Bless you and thank you again.

nazareth priest said...

And I, as well, pray a "Hail Mary" at the sight or sound of an ambulance, as well as the prayer, "Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, save us" (taught to me by a classmate in college who is now a priest).
I just loved S. Tyler's daughter in "Lord of the Ring".
But this dude just creeps me out.