Thursday, August 12, 2010

My tough  love letter to Hollywood.
(They read my blog to be sure!)

Don't expect for the world to change the rules or the way it's been operating since the beginning of creation  to meet your needs or desires because you repeatedly make dumb choices. "The masses" have enough trouble telling the difference between right and wrong and pretend from reality anyway but your comments and the various comments from your like minded colleagues only worsen our social problems.

Children and the raw materials of creation - human sperm, eggs, and embryos are not a commodity that can be bartered or sold at the whims of the socially elite, nor should  they be used as pawns in schemes for   manipulating other people or for producing relationships outside of marriage. Children are not a right - something to be demanded but a blessing and a privilege - a gift, but demanding gifts or worse yet twisting Gods arm  with these procedures and declaring that you don't need men makes you look like a  fool.

In "The Switch," Jennifer Aniston plays a woman who decided to have a baby on her own. Miss Aniston goes on to say, "Women are realizing it more and more, knowing that they don't have to settle with a man just to have that child," said Aniston, 41, during a press conference for the film in Beverly Hills, Calif., Aug. 8, 2010. "Times have changed, and that is also what is amazing is that we do have so many options these days, as opposed to our parents' days, when you can't have children because you have waited too long." (Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images)

Men, your slowly becoming out of fashion as many women feel your not a necessary component in child rearing anymore but fortunately for you, children and God will always disagree.

 *Craig Ferguson said it best, "Actors are Carnies with better teeth."


Lola said...

Oh my, at that tween shop Justice today, I saw a divorced dad taking his daughter back-to-school shopping. "Her mother is paying for all this" he said smoothly to the 20ish sales girl as he handed over a gift card.

Dads are more important than a child support check.

I'm so grateful to God that I had a Dad and my darlings have a Dad.

nazareth priest said...

Absolument, mon cherie.
In other words, right on, Dude!
How absolutely frigglementing disgusting...
Like I'd really like to know my Mum got inseminated by some "stranger" who is my Dad, but someone I don't (will not know)...insane!
My Da is most important in my life, as well as my Mum.
Thank you, Jesus, they were in an intact marriage, I had siblings that I know are my siblings, and that they loved me as much as they could.
Jesus, you are so good!