Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prayers for Cathy, the poor dear is looking for another job - again.

I was miserable every time I was pregnant. I usually carried an extra 30- 40 pounds and with the twins I was too big for my body and I went into early labor two months prematurely. My body and mind didn't function well when I was large - I couldn't think straight. I was a delight to live with as I wasn't  able to find the strength to be  nice to anyone.
So it's with that thought that I wonder about the millions of people  who continually carry an extra 30- 40lbs or maybe even more around with them - year after year , on a constant basis and 
 I think it's understandable why so many Americans are in a  pissy mood - nobody feels very good.
Throw in some hot summer temperatures, sour deals at work , lack of courtesy in traffic or anywhere for that matter and  poor personal relationships from home spilling over into the work place and you begin to see some real powder kegs and I didn't even include spiritual deprivation or mental health issues,  your then dealing with some dangerous situations for many people who are just trying to make a living.

*My last paragraphs have nothing at all to do with Cathy of Alex it's just my personal  observation about anger .

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