Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can you  fill in the blanks?

1) I  blog because ______________ .
2) I think other people  blog because ___________.
3) What's the point of  blogging?

I started blogging two years ago to leave an electronic record for my children and future grandchildren. I had hoped to enrich the faith of other Christians like myself who are just trying to get through this life the best way they know how but I don't know if that's happened. It  doesn't make sense to preach to a Catholic people who are significantly  more educated in our faith than I am nor to a people who will have no part of Christ.

Most people who read my blog never come back.  Has my blog ever helped anyone anyway? I doubt it. 
 I think  it simply draws unnecessary - uncomfortable attention to myself. 
 I suppose blogging has been my way of lashing out at a world fallen deep into a slumber of insanity
- a by product of sin run a muck and I'd wish to have been an antidote in some small way though an impotent one indeed.


Julie said...

Oy, this sounds alarmingly like a farewell note. Please don't go. If it were possible to tackle you around the knees in cyberspace like a small boy being left at nursery school the first day, I would.
We need you and your wonderful writing which is unlike any other.
We need your pep talks, because most of us are fighting uphill battles, faithwise.I could go on and on mixing metaphors and generally sputtering, but rest assured, you're doing some good stuff here.

ignorant redneck said...

I blog because I want to say something to somebody about what goes on around me!

I think others blog because they do to.

The point of blogging is to give those of the masses who actually give a rats' *** a voice.

And I actually follow your blog because it helps me, sometimes it inspires me, sometimes it entertains me, and it gives me a window on a larger world than I normally get to have.

Vincenzo said...

Yes your blog has helped me. You have posted some things that I really needed to read on a particular day.

belinda said...

Dear friends, I'm just trying to figure out my place in this world and where God wants to use me. I also question if I've made any positive contributions in peoples minds or hearts anyway. I guess I wont know until my personal end.

I've been struggling with this dilemma for some time now and have grown weary of waiting for God's reply so then I believe I must be where he wants me to be but my check book and savings account says God is mistaken. ;)
Jesus I put my trust in you, not in myself, other people, governments, programs or things, but you alone.

I'll keep you posted.

belinda said...

Oh, and thank you all for your kind support. I really appreciate it.

Melody K said...

Belinda, I enjoy your blog, and I am sometimes inspired by it (and I always am entertained by it). You have a unique perspective. There is nothing fake or phony; you aren't afraid to be who you are.
So, please keep on writing!

Terry Nelson said...

You are very real and your blog is very important.

Anonymous said...

Belinda, I love your writing! Whatever your post is about, you always remind us of our HOPE. That is very important in this poor world.

May God bless you and your dear family, always.

Angela M. said...

When I first started reading the comments you left on other blogs I thought - "she's a little different." Then I started reading your blog and I thought "I wish I could see the world like Belinda does."

You always put a human face on God and more people need to see that.

belinda said...

Yes Miss Angela, I'm different buuuuut I'm not as different as Mr.Nelson ;) hahahahaha He's got different down to a science. hahahaha Now-a-days the P.C. term would be "special". hahaha

If you met me in real life you would love me or hate me -there's generally no in-between but no matter how you would feel about me I am able to love the people who cant stand me in return even though it may not seem like it because sometimes I come off as harsh- (Understated, hahaha) It's my tough love campaign.