Thursday, September 30, 2010

Germany marks 20 years since reunification with pomp and ceremonies Sunday -- and a final payment for outstanding interest due on loans dating back to the end of  World war I.

The last installment will be paid on Oct. 3, as the country makes good on a 1953 international agreement, Germany's Office for Central Services and Unresolved Property Issues said Thursday .

Frank Buckles is the oldest  World War I veteran in the world.


secondeve said...

At first I couldn't tell who was who, which side was which and then it didn't seem to matter. They were all young and manly. Then I could tell them apart, German, Englishmen, the Scotts. But it still didn't matter.
I remember my great uncle died of the effects of poison gas in ww1. There it was. My grandfather in the cavalry. There is was.It is very poignant footage.
Then I was comforted knowing all these men have past away and their sorrows and wounds are healed.

belinda said...

I also watched this video with sorrow and wondered, what was accomplished as it was to be repeated again in world war 2. I was also struck by how many were lost to the flu. - Such a bloody century, between WW1- through vietnam and beyond. I feel fortunate to be alive. Blessed indeed.