Saturday, October 2, 2010

I dreamt I was riding in a car with Dianne Sawyer while she tried to steer us away from a storm which was coming directly towards us. It was a fierce political storm and one that we weren't going to be able to avoid. The damage was going to  be great but she was in denial. I said, "What will you tell the people on the news tonight?" and she said, "I always report what I see. I don't make the news, I simply report it." While I sat beside her thinking ,"Um, yeah, well, we're in big trouble here."

Next it I dreamt of a poor Hispanic inner city family with several children. I ate with them and prayed for them and  they fed me tamales which BTW I love.
 (Please dear God bless the working poor as they struggle to survive.)

Then I dreamt of women who hid several disabled babies and children in some sort of a"Panic room" for their safety. I thought, "This time around no one will be able to hide."
(Please dear God bless and protect our disabled children and their care takers.)

And lastly I prayed for Kelly Ripa - I don't ask questions I just pray. Last night I came away with the feeling that there are so many people who need our prayers but there is so little time. I spend way too much time self absorbed with my own personal issues instead of getting my mind off of myself and doing what I'm called to do.
(God bless Kelly and her beautiful family.)

*Disclaimer, When you read my blog always keep in mind that  I don't have church approval and neither does my blog - I'm a sinner and nothing more.


Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Beautiful, darlin'!
Just beautiful...

belinda said...

Your always ready with a kind word, thank you Father.