Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's such a privileged and a blessing to be a part of this Catholic family.
I love being Catholic - I love it , as I had wanted to be a Catholic since I was a small child.
In 18 days I will get to view a relic of Padre Pio at  Mass and I will blog about it with photos.

God bless all of my readers who have spent part of their lives with me goofing around on our computers but more importantly praying for each me and  for each other while spiritually supporting one another.You've  been so kind and I've learned a lot from many of you. You have been such a blessing to me.

 - "The communion of saints."


Julie said...

Oh, this clip was lovely, Belinda. It's nice to see Padre Pio smiling and happy. I've only seen photos of him looking rather dour, perhaps because of the pain.
I've always wondered if I would've had the guts to go to confession to him if I'd had the chance. Sadly, probably not.

nazareth priest said...

And you, to me!
My love, prayers and blessing.
Padre Pio! WOW!

belinda said...

Thanks Father!

Pio is the best.

Through his intersession he saved my baby born two months prematurely. I won't go into details but he's simply the best.

3puddytats said...

You are so fortunate to be able to see Padre Pio...

Earlier this year on my travels through Las Vegas My companions and myself just missed seeing him by a few hours....we could not adjust our travel schedule.

Thanks for all of your prayers and kind thoughts...


belinda said...

Sara, a man at church is bringing a relic that he owns and we will attend mass- with lots of Kleenex to be sure. It's all local.

I had a dream about him a couple of times. In one dream he was checking on my babies in their cribs. Maybe that's why one of them wants to be a nun. The other?
Another time I had a very detailed dream where I was at San Giovanni searching for Pio. I walked through the entire building. I needed to speak with him but the monks said that he was gone and I couldn't so I prayed at his tomb.

When I woke I googled his tomb and the building and it freaked me out.
God is real people!

belinda said...

Julie, If given the chance I think you would have been drawn like a magnet to his confession and even if you made up your mind not to go. You would have been powerless to resist.

You'd have taken your lumps and loved it. (when the pain subsided)
because lumps produce holiness ;)
My social anxiety would have "way laid" me and the crowds with the long lines- suffocating. I too would have avoided his confessions for those reasons alone. Strangely, I don't mind getting yelled at though.

Sometimes I imagine I already know the things Pio would yell at me for... Yeah, I know.

Avoiding him does no good. When the saints decide to go after a particular person you just as well give in. Not even a cloistered homemaker can hide from the hand or love of God nor from his saints. If they want you they come after you. They send things and do stuff. They pester you until they get their way which is always the will of God.

Julie said...

I suspect, Belinda, that you are far more honest, and therefore, braver, than myself.
I only get through my confessions by heavily rehearsed verbal acrobatics and delicate euphemisms.
That wouldn't work here.
He'd blow me out of the water, and I probably wouldn't comeback--"chaff", I suppose.

3puddytats said...

I,tto, was "stalked " by St Pio....everywhere I went, there he was....

When he adopts you as a spiritual child there is no escape :)

That is way I took his name as my carmelite name, even though he is not a Carmelite saint..

He is my big brother loooking after me...

Although I agree that I'm not sure that I could make it through Confession with him :)


belinda said...

Don't be silly girls!!
Jesus is gonna be far worse. hahaha
Pio would have slapped me and I'd a loved it!

Sara, It really is like being stalked. Once they set their sights upon a soul it's over.

St.Anthony , St Vianney, Catherine of Siena, and Elizabeth Seton have all left an imprint upon me. I didn't chose them - they chose me. I was a protestant afterall!

I love that they pray "all inclusive."

Lola said...

I went to confession last weekend in Orlando at Mary Queen of the Universe Basilica. I usually go to my local parish with my Happy-go-lucky Pastor. The priest at the Bascilica reminded me of a no-nonsense type along the lines of Padre Pio and a warrior.

He was in physical pain, had crutches and had to sit sideways with his legs stretched out. In front of him he had a tablet of the Bascila information and had doodled all over it with Mary's initials and sketches of beautiful cathedrals. He looked at me with a grumpy glance and bruskly guided me through my confession. (I go often enough, but I still need coaching.)

Well, I thought of him as a gift from God, and along the lines of Padre Pio.

In fact if I see him again at the Basilica, I'd probably get in his line for confession.

It was wonderful to watch this video Belinda. Thank you!

belinda said...

Your welcome Lola, let's watch another episode.