Sunday, October 24, 2010


I had a dream last night that my newly deceased grandmother gave me a  hug while I was sleeping. She wrapped both of her arms around me and locked her fingers together and squeezed me tight until I felt as though I couldn't breath and as I gasped for air she had a huge smile on her no longer ancient looking  face. 
Her hug felt more like  the Heimlich maneuver than a kind gesture of affirmation so  I told her to "Knock it off!" Which she promptly did and then she became crest fallen and disappeared.
As usual she was surprised by my response. Some people try really hard to please the people around them but they don't know how. Grandma never knew how to relate to me and I was never pleased with my grandmothers reactions or interactions with me. I just didn't "get" her, but now I see it more as awkwardness on her part and immaturity on  mine and to be fair I do have a difficult personality. It was  hard for her to "Grandparent" a child that acted as though she was born at thirty and didn't want to be bothered by anybody.

I'd love to tell the story about the time my grandmother gave me lingerie for a wedding gift but I shouldn't. I was horrified to open box after box of this stuff in front of my family.  I was not a happy camper. I looked at her across the table all perplexed and she looked at me all perplexed and neither one of us said a word to one other as my mother hid her amusement.
The next morning those four boxes went to the Salvation Army (-poor Salvanians) and because I was such a brat I didn't even send her a thank you card. I should have wrote one that said, "Knock it off grandma!"


Pablo the Mexican said...

Show your love for your grandmother by having a Mass said for her.

That is the kind of hug that goes into the eternity that she is in.

By the way, sometimes God allows the deceased to make contact here when that deceased is in need of prayer.

This is a wonderful site; if you choose 'Worldwide' then 'Church', you will find a Priest reciting the Rosary.

Please pray for the soul of your Grandma. If you need a Priest that will offer a Mass, contact me, I would love to help.

God be with you.


belinda said...

Aww, thanks Pablo.

I can also ask my priest to say a mass for her. I often pray for the dead.... Like- every single night.

I agree with you about that hug. It was a little too much of an attention grabber. Perhaps an act of desperation but she was smiling up until I told her to stop.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Mrs. Belinda,

Just to be on the safe side, keep rebuking everyone and everything that comes to you in your dreams.

After saying grace at meals, we incorporate:

"May the Divine Assistance be always with us, and may the souls of the Faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen."

I will remember you and your grandma in my rosary prayers at Mass this evening.

God be with you.


Pablo the Mexican said...

"May the Divine Assistance be always with us, and may the souls of the Faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen."

Its a prayer I say several times a day, and I got it wrong.

Go figure.


belinda said...

Safe side?

Pablo, I'm not having lunch with these people that I dream about nor do I entertain thoughts of them much past wakening. My thoughts must be filled with Christ and anything else can be an imposter. I worship the giver of dreams and pray for souls but I don't worship the dreams nor do I bankroll the family farm upon them. hahahaha I pray and walk away.

I'm no mystic wanna be. Dreams come and go and can be stopped at anytime yet our Rosary and masses, adoration and disciplines are here to stay and Christ gave these things to us for our salvation. That is supposed to be the main theme of my blog.

I don't trust anyone who doesn't go to confession who is Catholic.

Most of my dreams are not worth mentioning and with many of them of if they're contrary to church teaching they never get posted. I get what's going on and I won't play with you know who. Ever. I wont flirt, dine or dance with the enemy.

But if I can enrich someones faith and love in Christ then that's fair game.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Mrs. Belinda,

Your post reminded me of a young woman I met in Mexico City.

She also was a spitfire.

"...I don't trust anyone who doesn't go to confession who is Catholic..."

What do you mean by that?


belinda said...

I don't trust the utterings of the Holy Spirit from Catholics who like to share unless they frequent the sacrament of confession and worse yet I have little admiration for Catholics who don't go.
I use to be a Charasmatic Catholic and the people in the group would say all sorts of things that God would supposedly tell them. (My loser self included) I saw no discipine, or obedience to the Catholic church but mostly friction. You could say and do anything you wanted and still be considered a Charasmatic - in good standing. That meant members would often use birth control etc and because they felt the Lord would understand. Everything was okay. They in essence made THEMSELVES the authority over the Catholic church.

I don't deny the workings of the Holy spirit and I do believe that God speaks to his people constantly in fact, but the problem is that some people go off on their own and refuse to acknowledge the Catholic church as supreme authority and an authority to be obeyed and not simply delt with.

I quit the group when I realized that I never saw any one of them in the confession line.

I began to consider the people in the confession line as holy, for the simple fact that they were TRYING to be good, obedient and faithful Catholics and yet they knew that they fell short and don't forget about the graces which they've recieved from confession which makes them all the more respectable.

BTW- I've never heard a charasmatic say that Jesus say's they suck and should change this or that behavior or at the very least seriously consider some of the things that they do. I only heard about how wonderful Jesus thought they were.

Without confession, your an imposter Catholic. You haven't reached the fullness of our faith and you never will with out it. Salvation comes through Christ and the sacraments he gave to us so I really don't want to hear what the Holy Spirit has told you unless you frequent that sacrament.

*This comment was not meant to offend non- catholics..... only catholics.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Mrs. Belinda,

Mother Cabrini's Feast Day is November 13th.

I will be at her Shrine in Denver.

I'll say a few Hail Marys for your intentions while I am there.


belinda said...

Thank you for your kindness Pablo. I will tell my brother about this - he lives in Denver.

Melody K said...

I'm sorry, Belinda, but I had to laugh thinking about your Grandma and those "Frederick's of Hollywood" boxes. Not your usual Grandma-type bridal shower gifts!
I think you are right that dreams "come and go" and most of them don't have any special significance. I have often had dreams about deceased relatives and it seems like they are kind of troubled and jumbled up; reflecting that one's emotions are troubled following a loved one's death. I try always to pray for them if I think about them or dream about them.
The one dream that did come true was that I dreamed that my mother had died; and she became ill with cancer not long after, and was gone before the year was out. The message I got from that dream was that time was growing short and I needed to spend time with her.
Pablo is right, Masses are a good way to show love. And I need to fill out our All Souls remembrance envelope; All Souls and All Saints are less than a week away.
A thought that I have found comforting is that our relationships that were less than perfect will be healed in heaven.

belinda said...

Melody, I love that thought- Jesus will heal and repair the relationships which I was unable to make right.

I'm not Christ and I can't fix everything. Wow, what an eye opener for me. I always felt bad about not having perfect relationships with other people and thought perhaps I wasn't trying hard enough.

Melody - today your the voice that say's to me .... Let go and let God.
Thank you.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

What Pablo said..have a Mass said for Grandma..the gift that keeps on giving.