Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm in the grocery store parking lot and I see this smoking red hot car pull  s l o w l e y  into a handicapped parking slot narrowly missing the "No parking"   fire zone concrete barricades, as I'm thinking, "Geese, some people!  Young people parking in the slot for our handicapped citizens, how lazy!

And while I continued parking my own car "Christine",who by the way is rusting out really badly on one side and the stupid battery light is now permanently stuck on, but then so what, so is the emergency brake light and some other kind of warning light , I forget which one (Ever hear the one about the car who cried wolf ?) but I know at some point in the near future the ol' gal is gonna screw me over big time.
(I hope it's not snowing at the time Lord. I have a feeling that all of those "Nature Hiking" sessions with my activity director are gonna pay off!)

Anyway who should appear from the bright  red sleigh red hot car a month too early  but a jolly ol'  fat man about 80 years old and who probably goes by the name of Junior, talk about a visual let down, but then he had a let down as well when he tried to escape the snug steering column and twist ever so slowly with the drivers door fully extended open as far as possible to provide more radius turning for his legs and girth. Afterwards  he sat there in his seat  for a moment to catch his breath or perhaps he was looking for his walker- not sure which, as I thought to myself in a melodic tone inside of my head..... "~Someones ~ over ~compensaaaaating ~ ~ ~"  I figured he probably has a really small personality  yet he still likes to hang with smokin' hot hip friends  friends with hip fractures but he's gonna have a rude awakening if  he finds out  the economy turns bad and he recognizes - to his great sorrow,  his  immature purchase was  made during a moment  of youthful indiscretion. What self respecting adult  plays with kids toys anyway and besides who's gonna help his cougar girlfriend outta the car not to mention that there wasn't any room for her "Jazzy" scooter?
Dang, life is complicated.

Okay so add forty years and forty pounds to the photo of the man above and I'd say I nailed his look. Isn't it funny how the human
brain sometimes doesn't recognize whats going on with the rest of the body -  It's called denial.


Charlene said...

I'm not sure the man needed the handicapped slot but if he has the money he gets to buy the hot car. It made him feel good probably and no matter what we thing, that's his thing. OR perhaps he borrowed the car from his smoking hot grandaughter.

3puddytats said...

I'm not a smoking hot chick but I DID get myself a smoking hot red motorcycle for my 40 something mid life crisis....yeah it makes me fell GREAT....although I till havne't been able to pick up any smoking hot guys...if you see any point them my way.. :)

Although now it is winter in Utah and no more bike riding so they will have to wait until the spring...


belinda said...

Good for you Sara, life is too short not to do things that make you happy and it really doesn't matter what other people think.

The man in the parking lot struck me as funny because I think it's a mistake to derive your self worth from the things which you own. So many people equate love with things.

I enjoy the things in my life that the Lord has been generous enough to send my way and indeed I'm grateful but I am not defined by them. I'm a better person than the crap which I own and so are you!

I also think it's an embarrassment to oneself to pretend to be something other than who you really are which is what I felt the hot car man was struggling with and I'm rarely impressed by other peoples things They're just things.

I often wonder if things could talk, what would they say about me. I think they'd say I'm a poor five year old who loves to eat off of nice plates and dishes from the past.