Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blogging for an audience of one, well actually three in one.


Pablo the Mexican said...

They way to get to heaven is to start the trip now.

This weekend I went to a Roman Catholic wedding.

The first kiss between the two came after the Padre pronounced them man and wife. The man told his girl "I love you; therefore I will behave in the manner of a real man. I will take you to the altar of the Lord and through His grace, marry you."

Engaging in mortal sin before marriage was not an option.

The father of the bride, since his marriage, has prayed the Holy Rosary with his family every night at nine p.m.

The parents of the groom also have deep roots in traditional Roman Catholicism.

Everyone in both families, including the toddlers, is taught the Faith. The true Faith.

Neither family abandonded the Church for the Novus Ordo modernism.

There were babies crying and children everywhere in the Church during the Mass.

Walking in the ways of the Lord is a beautiful trip.

God granted me a grace by allowing me to be a friend of the bride and her family.


belinda said...

It sounds like you had a good time. God bless the couple.