Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Invasion of the body scanners.
It's the new live action version and it's really scary.

Don't even try to resist. 


Pablo the Mexican said...


That was my reaction when the Novus Ordo came in.


belinda said...

I'm a convert, I didn't get what I expected.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Mrs. Belinda,

Never forget God writes straight with crooked lines.

His grace converted you.

Maybe God was as disappointed with where you wound up as much as you were when you got there.

He decided to pluck a flower from amongst His creations and place it where He would provide the graces to souls around you that they may be saved.

Stand amongst your people and pray that our Father in Heaven have mercy on those that do not know, love, or serve Him. That includes all the chuckleheads that try your patience.

He always hears the prayers of righteous women.

God be with you.


belinda said...

Dear Mr.P.
I'd like to think that Jesus made the blind see and the deaf hear, and the dumb blog. (I'm speaking only about myself because I've read some really brilliant posts from other bloggers.) I'm a convert and I don't pretend to know anything, I just fake it. hahahaha

I have a bad temper so I don't think of myself as very righteous either, although I use to be self righteous in my distant past but God removed that from me by force. Ouch.