Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And possible prostrate screenings and even if your a female!  No copay !
(The only stipulation is, you hafta fly somewhere.)

With  repeated exposure from the airport scanners, poor Mr. Einsteins hair was never the same.

(You can  put a good spin on anything that's bad and there will always be some one who will  fall for it.)


Lola said...

I have told my husband that there is no way we're flying as a family unless it is an emergency. Now, I don't know if I ever have to fly since I can drive within 20 hours to nearly every family member I'd need to help.

No way am I subjecting the darlings to this humiliation.

I remember when it was fun to fly...

belinda said...

I'm with you Lola.

Adrienne said...

Same here. Good thing I'm not planning on going anywhere because I would never, ever get in one of those scanners. Never!