Monday, December 20, 2010


Julie said...

Gonna stay up and look at the eclipse tonight?

belinda said...

Yes I am!
I'll bring the cookies and cocoa- made with real cream. I'm beginning to pack on my Christmas holiday weight and then during Lent I'll loose it... stupid aye?!

Julie said...

How wonderful to think of all these people everywhere looking up at the same time. Maybe God will take advantage of this and use the moon like a billboard. Hmm.

belinda said...

Julie, that's the difference between an optimist and a pessimist. hahaha

I googled the eclipse and all I could come up with were Wiccan prayers and activities. I kept thinking... so many people up to no good and doing it in harmony.

I couldn't wake up though I tried... I missed a cool moment.

I hope many people looked up and thought of the wonder and power of God.

Julie said...

It was spooky.

I was only able to stay awake for it by a combination of sinful amounts of Dove chocolates and worry over all the stuff I still had to clean/bake/pay for.

The Learned Astronomer, meanwhile, went to bed at nine, exhausted from a cold and from a day of cataloging images of distant galaxies. I don't think he's much impressed by any tricks our moon can do.