Friday, March 18, 2011

Excuse me,  but I was wondering if you're okay?

I wanna say to the gay men in the St.Pats day parade yesterday that I feel so very sorry for you. Could you not tell that everyone  - especially the men in the crowd were laughing at you and not with you and  in a less than  positive kind of way? This wasn't good and it couldn't have left you with  feelings of affirmation. I hate it when people make fun of other people and though you were awesome at the bat- ton twirling and you looked marvelous wearing  those teeny tiny gold lame' hot pants and a pair of converse tennis shoes,  I want you to ask yourselves, what kind of message were you sending to the crowd. Dare I say - you  bring on most of your heart ache yourselves. 

 Where do you buy gold lame' hot pants anyway?  My blog administrator would look ....... hahahaha
Never mind...    A  well placed joke  here would get me in trouble.

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