Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The news is reporting that Legionnaires' disease has been found at the Playboy Mansion. I'm thinking that if the L.A county health department looked a little harder, they might be able to find and identify a few more "Speciality" diseases and some of which would curl the hair of a  Legionnaire or at the very least - make him blush, though I seriously doubt that a little disease here or there will stop the  kind of people who frequent the playboy mansion from doing so.

Can you imagine for a moment, if you were a platonic guest and were invited to the mansion, would you actually eat any of the food?! You wouldn't  really know where anyone's hands have been and although my same food theory applies to pretty much every restaurant - everywhere, you can bet no one is having sex on the tables at Wendy's and  I know this because the fry cooks always look cranky and even though he has the appearance of a parolee on furlough, perhaps I've mistaken his  demeanor as dangerous when in actuality it was simply sexual frustration.

And speaking of Charlie Sheen, two months ago I got into a discussion argument with a family member about him.   I would like to say -first off, that  I don't think it's right to delight or take pleasure in another persons sins and even though I've enjoyed the Charlie Sheen jokes as much as everyone else has, I'm over them and  they've become passe' and to be honest I feel bad for having found them funny in the first place.  Especially when I consider that he has spawned  fathered  five beautiful children.
(Please God, bless and protect those kids!)
I went on to argue with my _______  and said that I feel nothing but compassion and sadness for Charlie and his  family, especially since Charlie doesn't, "Get it."  I don't think I'm any better than Mr.Sheen  as I've  not been able to conquer some of my sins either and though I'm not at the stage of embracing them anymore, I have been working on the same ones and  some of them for decades. When it might seem as though I've beaten one back then another sin steps up to take it's place within me. The thing that I understand which  Charlie and so many other addicted people don't,  is that it's through Christ alone, by his  grace - which  strengthens us to overcome our sins and to heal. Christ can't heal what we refuse to recognize and without Christ, these situations are hopeless and will remain so - without exception. If we don't try to overcome our sins and accept Christs grace and mercy, then these same sins will greet us in hell, where our bondage to them will become eternal.

Sadly, my relative felt little compassion or sorrow for Mr.Sheen and he shook his head while scoffing at me because he simply couldn't understand why I would pity such a rich man.
 Charlie,.... your face is  gaunt and  you have that -"death's a knocking" kind of look. We know in reality you have a meth mouth and I'm really scared for you. Can you say, "Michael Jackson?"
I will offer up my next migraine and some prayers for you- it's all I've got.

*The above photo is of the playboy mansion - I'll bet there's an exxxact replica somewhere in hell, only you know who gets to sit on the throne and you know who else will be getting screwed.


Adrienne said...

Some ex-resident woman of the mansion wrote a tell-all book and she said the place was absolutely filthy. Dirty old carpets with pets doing their poo everywhere type of dirty. Ugh!

belinda said...

Poor white trash is a state of mind -which wealthy people are not immune to.

I would expect the exterior to look as their interiors do. Besides Hef is old and he probably doesn't see very well anymore so they probably figure "Who cares" as long as Hef - the check writer is a happy camper.

Fortunally for the girls he probably sleeps a lot. What do you think the girls do when he sleeps? I think they conspire.

I would want to be the mansion pharmacist - off premises of course, -> here's where I insert the song "Money, money, money,monaaaay,monaaaaaaayyyy"

Julie said...

Charlie Sheen is obviously one very sick puppy, and it angers me to see all these "interviews" with him on tv. It's just like what we went through with Brittany Spears awhile back--that kind of schadenfreud-ish voyeurism. It's one of the worst parts of our culture, and it turns my stomach.
Sorry. (Maybe I'll give up ranting for Lent?)

Anonymous said...

Hefner is not worthy to be pictured on your blog, imho. Above links to alternate pics for legionnaires disease. :)

Julie said...

By the way, the sister of one of my best friends was a centerfold in Playboy. She made a ridiculous amount of money for just showing up at events and having her photo taken. The attention was intoxicating. She tried a couple of regular jobs but she quit those because she could make a lot more money for a lot less work doing the Playmate gig. She had a husband and a small child and a different name entirely, but of course, those things weren't listed in her "profile". She was terrified of growing old (good luck with that) because you're basically booted out of the system once you're much past 30.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Now, Belinda, look at those angelic blondes! I think you are being too hard and judgemental on The Hef. Look at all those poor homeless women he has taken in, sheltered and offered a living to!


belinda said...

Adrienne, I changed my mind about that pharmaceutical position, I forgot about the products and medications that go against Catholic teaching which would be required of me to dispense.

Besides, I would say something to some one and would get myself fired.

Sorry Cliff, my blog "Ain't all that" anyway. Though it's kind of you to think differently.

I have a "touch" of OCD so I'm afraid that I will be unable to view the disease which you've linked for me.
Julie, it makes me sad when people use one another for some sort of personal gain. What kind of husband would allow such a thing?

Gina said...

I may not be a psychiatrist, but as the old saying goes, "You don't have to be a whale to write Moby Dick." SHEEN=BIPOLAR. CLASSIC case. His extreme mania is downright disturbing.

belinda said...

Cathy, your cracking me up.

Helping the underprivileged and all- hahaha

Why, those poor blonds cant even afford a pair of pants!

I bet some christian people could say the same things about those "Gentlemen Ranches" in Nevada. In their efforts to nurture the poor I wonder how many of the beatitudes they cover.

Isn't that simply demonic - Satan helping a poor soul right over a cliff and all the while he tells them how grateful they should be for his assistance and how helpful he's been.

Julie said...

I tentatively asked my friend that very same question. (I did not ask much about her sister, because my friend is extremely shy, and this was whole topic was pretty embarrassing for her. She and her sister come from an almost Duggar-sized family, and I was continually amazed that her parents had managed to produce two such diverse individuals.)
She said her brother-in-law was pretty up-front about being proud of the whole business and watched the baby while her sister was making appearances or atending parties where he, of course, was not invited.
So it goes.

ignorant redneck said...

REally, hef and sheen are not important, they are simply signs of what we have come tovalue in our society.

It's weird, in a way; Hef and Sheen have helped figure myself out--I am a right wing Hippy who no longer wants to play in the mainstream. Besides--the pharmaceutical bill gets awful steep when you figure in all the mysterious rashes!

The whole country is shaking their head--but watching the porno show that is modern culture taken to its obvious conclusion.

ignorant redneck said...

Belinda--Does this mean Hefner and clan are rich white trash?

belinda said...

Yes Red, That what I meant to say. I suppose I should apologize to white trash people for including Hef among their ranks.

Honestly, I'll try to be nicer.

belinda said...

My friend Kathy D., wants to know how to sign up to leave comments. Can anyone walk her through it? I don't know how to explain it to her.

I can connect you to her through my email

Would you also consider praying for her? She's not feeling very well today. Thank you - all of you.

3puddytats said...

I greatly admire the sis and her husband, that they can pull it off...I dated a male model many years ago and it about drove me nuts, women continually fawning all over him, everywhere you went..He modeled underwear and clothing for Calvine and Armani..he never looked bad in ANYTHING..

Great date for a Christmas party..although rude people would ask me how much I paid for him (thinking he was an escort).

But I think guys see it love looking at prety women so why not make a few bucks doing you said once you hit 30 you're washed up and then you can do other things like spend your money :)

But then there for awhile I was a cocktail waitress in a couple of strip bars in the South in the 80's. I could make more in one weekend just in trips than I did all week in my real job..just to keep guys full of beer :)

Sure beats cleaning toilets..


Lola said...

I think that mansion could be swabbed and a few new diseases discovered.

I too feel sorry for Mr. Sheen. No, not his wealth, that could evaporate rather quickly in his current minset. I think his family probably ought to 'commit him', but more than likely his papa is probably on his knees right now asking Bishop Sheen for some 'intervention'.

I think I ought to also.

Wouldn't it be incredible for him to become a 'grateful' sober man who makes peace with God and family, and then spends some of his fame and fortune doing a good turn for those in need. And, the neediest in America are those in pursuit of what he's mired in right now.

I remember reading this in a biography on Anna Marie Taigi:

The greater number of Christians today are damned. The destiny of those dying on one day is that very few - not as many as ten - went strait to Heaven; many remained in Purgatory; and those cast into Hell were as numerous as snowflakes in mid-winter.
Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

Or in otherwords, a snowballs chance without Jesus!

What imagery.