Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm blogging through a migraine- but not very well,... though, who can tell the difference?
What concerns me the most about the royal wedding is,"Who's watching Elton Johns baby?! Clearly Mr.John has decision making deficiencies.  I'm so concerned! I hope it's not Dame Edna. How much do you think Elton pays a sitter anyway? Ugh,... look at that photo,...  that poor baby!   I think I'd crap my pants too.
I noticed the Queen doesn't sing, "God save the Queen" but Elton sang it.
If the royal couple has been living together for a few years now, why is it that William finally decided to buy instead of lease and why do women freely give away something which is so prized by men?  Maybe Big Ben had reminded Kate of something,..... tick, tock, tick, tock.
If the royals are the head of the church of England, why do they appear to behave more like sinners than saints?
About Beatrice's hat,... if you  can't say something nice then I shouldn't say anything at all but why doesn't her father take out his sword and hack some of that masterpiece  back somewhere to the normal zone. I noticed he can't even look at her. I bet they collectively blame her mother. (Someone is projecting- sang in a melodic tone.. hahaha)

Migraine + codeine =  Your way funnier when my anxiety disappears.


Charlene said...

That last picture is odd. They all 3 looking like deer in the headlights.

Elton loves his son and that's good fine.

belinda said...

He loves his son like nobody's business. I wish everyone loved their children half as much as he loves that boy.

I still don't think he should be a a parent though.

3puddytats said...

Poor dear with a migraine..

Hoep it gets better REAL SOON!!


Pablo the Mexican said...

"My live-in girlfriend cheated on me"

"Elton John is a good father"

"The Queen of England is the Defender of the Faith"

Which of these statements is true?

None of them.

Only your lawfully wedded wife (a woman) can cheat on you.

A father is someone that procreates with a woman through natural method.

The Queen is not anything but a heretic when it comes to the Faith.

As for the girls in the picture, they need to spend some time on the farm, learning good old fashioned values.

They look like they could have some fun enjoying the good life a farm offers.

After a couple of years, they could visit the big city again.

Pray for the souls in England.

According to Catholic prophesy, it is headed to chastisement.

"...He loves his son like nobody's business..."

Are people in mortal sin capable of love, or do they just ape the actions of those that do know love?

Can we love others if we do not love God enough to behave?

"I love you, so let's commit mortal sin"

This is what the Prince told his girl.

Only through Catholic Confession can he right the wrong he did to her. In this case it didn't happen.

Instead, they chose to remain in heresy.


3puddytats said...


I volunteer on Saturdays at the horse barn run by our local animal shelter...
One of the teenage girls volunteering for community service this morning was whining a bit-"I had no idea taking care of horses was so much work!!"

Indeed it is...I do not suffer from insomnia one bit after working a day at the get nice and strong too..chopping ice on the water troughs in the wintertime is the worst.

We would love to have the royal young ladies come out and shovel the barn with us :) Especially this mornign when there was 6 inches of snow on the ground and 25 degrees (30 April..bbrrr)

My allergies do not respond well with the hay though..

If anyone needs manure for their garden just give me a you haul away..


Julie said...

After the girls are done helping you muck out the stalls, perhaps Pablo could drive them over to my place to help me shear the llamas.
Nothing quite as humbling as a direct hit with llama spit.

I actually feel rather sorry for these two. They have to live with their mother's sorry behavior. I hope the Queen is nice to them...

Julie said...

By the way, the girls would be very pretty after a firm application of a soapy washcloth, and if they lost the Toulouse-Lautrec outfits.

My llamas are suspicious of hats. When Beatrice and Eugenie visit they'd best leave the hats home.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness hats are no longer in fashion here in the US.

3puddytats said...

Julie--So the llamas don't like to be sheared?? Our horses are just loving the assist with the removal of their heavy winter coat...I was shedding out Cash yesterday--a beautiful golden Palomino gelding--the looked like there was a golden retreiver curled up on the ground. Then all it takes is a bit of a breeze and I'm covered with horse fur :)

A couple of the farms just north of me have a couple of llamas in their fields..not sure if they are pets or business...was surprised to see them mixed in with the sheep.


3puddytats said...

Also for you animal lover out there--please pray for Roy--a Clydesdale gelding that Animal Control "removed" from his owners. He is starved and frostbitten and has bad hoof damage for being "wintered out" it appears in a field for this past brutal winter. God Bless the neighbors who didn't "mind their own business" and chose to get involved. Roy will aarrive at my shelter this week where we will attempt to get him strong and healthy and sound again. Hopefully it is not too late.

St Francis--please intercede and pray for Roy.


Julie said...

Llamas are often used as guards for sheep, as they will stomp to death anything remotely resembling a dog.

3puddytats said...

Julie-- I have a llama wool blanket that I got when I was in Ecuador..purchased it in a market from a native who had brought down llama products from the mountains.

It is VERY VERY warm...I cannot use it when there is heat in the house, even in the winter. I get too hot under it. I use it when I go camping when it gets below freezing and there is no heat in my tent..I put it over my lightweight sleeping bag and it keep me toasty warm.

I also cannot believe how silky soft it is....compared to sheep wool which is very scratchy.

I did not know that they did not like dogs. Also don't like hats :)


3puddytats said...


Dinner tonight--fired up the grill for the first time since last fall..did cajun boneless pork chops on the grill (Utahns for some reason aren't real big pork eaters so often I can find lots of really nice pork cuts in the discount meat bin, up to 70 percent off!!), red beans and rice--simmered in a cast iron pot on the grill, toasted sourdough bread--throw on the grill for just a couple of minutes, and fresh strawberries dunked in chocolate pudding for dessert.

Happy Sunday!!


belinda said...

Sara, My three day migraine binge is over. Thanks be to God! Thank you for your prayers. Codeine took the edge off. (- I shoulda waxed while I was medicated but I didn't think about it. hahahaha) All I could think about was, "Please God kill me quicker." :)

BTW. Your dinner sounded terrific.

Julie, Llamas stomp things to death?

Now I'm scared of Llamas but I'm gonna check out eBay and see about some new Llama blankets.

Do you eat Llamas? How do you process their coats? What do you feed them? How many do you have? Why do you have them? Do you love them as pets or as worker animals.

We lost a chick this week and my kids went berserk. They haven't put it together that we eat what they've cried over. Geese..

-Poor thing, the other chicks pecked it to death - just like when we were in high school. :(

belinda said...

Pablo, your comments have moved me to create a post. I'm still thinking.......

Julie said...

Oh, but Belinda when you come to my house you get to take your choice of llama for a walk.
Mine are quite friendly, in a llama-sort-of- way, because we halter-break them as babies and take them for walks every morning. They are generally used as either pack animals or flock guardians, but ours are pretty much just expensive lawn ornaments.
They hum when they are upset, which is helpful.

Julie said...

I'm glad your three day ordeal is over, by the way. I can't imagine having a normal headache that long, let alone a migraine.
Oh, and we only have four llamas now. Used to have six. They eat hay and a llama sweet feed ration.

Julie said...

Are the chicks under a heat lamp still? A red bulb instead of a white one helps prevent um, cannibalistic behavior sometimes.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Mrs. Belinda,

Post that which is in your heart, and put in a few pictures of your home and family and friends.

Something like that could only be edifying to souls.

God be with you, Mrs. Belinda.

His beauty is with you.


belinda said...

Yes, they're under the red lamp. The chickens were my activity directors idea. He wanted fresh eggs and our eldest daughter wants to learn how to process a chicken as her great grandmother use to do. Personally, I don't think my kid is tough enough to kill one, then eat it but we will see.

I'm glad that our kids are interested in learning useful skills from the past. Sarah makes soaps, lotions, lip balms, and she wants to learn how to preserve food. She just put up some bee hives with our neighbor and we're all kind of excited about that.

belinda said...

Mr.Pablo, I'm pretty sure that God is aggravated with me a lot of the time but I cling to him anyway
- like an annoying child. hahahaha

I'm often perplexed that anyone would be edified by anything I write though I enjoy learning new things from my blogger buddies who bring me closer to Christ. (And today I learned a bit about Llamas!)
Sometimes the voice in my head isn't very nice because I don't always get what I ask for, nor do I get my way and worse yet, that voice gives me more work to do, than I care to do, which frankly I don't much appreciate. hahahaha

But look we've come full circle sometimes a true Christ like love, requires from us something which we find unpleasant and because we try to love Christ in return -as he has loved us, we do what we're told and even if it means that we hurt inside.

Sometimes real love doesn't feel very nice and that's okay, because this faith of ours isn't about emotions but actions and if we believe otherwise then we've been duped. Our faith is bigger than our feelings, it transcends our feelings as feelings without our actions are empty. (Have you ever watched the Bachelor on ABC? hahaha)

Feelings are simply the spark needed to ignite our actions.

Elton's feelings were and are misguided/ misdirected so naturally his actions would be a reflection of those self centered decisions.

3puddytats said...

Belinda--so glad you are feeling better!!

I learned how to butcher chickens when I was in Turkey from my landlady. I learned Islamic style which from what I understand is alot like kosher style, getting as much of the blood out of it as you can. Before she killed each chicken she would thank Allah for his gift of the chicken for food, that it would noursih the family and not be wasted or in vain. I always thought that was a nice touch.

Actually the worst part for me was singing off the pinfeathers--stinky stinky.

We didn't raise chicken from little chicks...she said chicks were a pain....she would get the half-grown chickens and raise them up to butcher size. There was fresh chicken every night.

Good luck with your chicks.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Great post!