Monday, April 18, 2011

Mass was crowded  so I had to sit in the opposite pew across the isle from my blog administrator. I love it when he winks  at me but who could tell if he was winking with his eye swollen shut? I winked back at him anyway and after mass he said the man sitting beside him thought I was winking at him. Maybe I was. Actually I was thinking about Padre Pio because I had the privilege of sitting next to a man who had served mass for Saint Pio.
I thought, "I should  ask this man that if he would happen to die before me, if he could please tell Padre Pio thank you for all of his intersessions and prayers on our behalf and then give Padre a hug for me, I'm so grateful." But because my pew pal is frail  and has trouble walking, I thought I 'd better leave him alone to go about his business.  I'd hate to be the cause of a fall or maybe my comment -about the dying part, might insult him. I walked away sad because I didn't get to speak with him, though God must have told Pio what I was thinking  because later that evening Gracie handed a gift to me and  said, "Our deacon gave this to me and told me to give it to my mom."  It was a rosary in a box with Padre Pio's photo on top," It was the picture of Padre giving a blessing. 

 I'm gonna wink at God, do you think he'll notice? I love it when he winks back at me.

Dear God, check inside the Japanese lunch box, third drawer from the top but try and guess what's in it first. Maybe you could act surprised.


Julie said...

"Maybe you could act surprised."

Lol! You make an interesting theological point that I have never considered: no surprises for God.

belinda said...

I wonder how it is that God can find amusement and joy from people since he always knows what's coming next. Personally, as a human, I would have became bored and disconnected if I always knew the punch line. Particularly in regards to sin. If a soul were to say,"I'm really, sincerely sorry", then I would have trouble accepting that repentance considering that God knows that we will likely repeat that sin - and forsaw it.

But it's Gods kindness, love, tenderness and compassion towards us that makes God who he is.