Friday, April 1, 2011

Real estate agent or nun... you decide.

I don't know. I guess it all depends on how you view disobedience. 
I once knew a man who I fear may have gone to hell when he died.  I watched him speak about himself in glowing terms and he went on and on about his great accomplishments and how wonderful he was and had been throughout his life but as he spoke, a weed began to take root and grow around his feet, then up around his legs and it wove it's self around his mid section and chest while securely entangling him but he didn't  notice because he was still too busy  going on and on about how great he was but by now, the  leaves from the vines - which had grown as large as the mans head, began caressing and patting his back as he continued  talking until finally he was strangled by the invisible entity which had soothed, supported and comforted him. 

Now, I suspect that Satan  mocks him and demands, "Tell us again how very great you are!"
After begging God for forgiveness my next most important prayer is to ask the  the Holy Spirit to help me to not be deceived  because  deception equals certain death.
*If your reading something and it says's "renewal" anywhere within the book - put it down!
"Renewal" is the code word for destruction.


Nan said...

Today, Father talked about how little Confession is used, at a Parish with Confessions six days a week, with crazy long lines, often going 3 1/2 pews, sometimes on Saturday meeting in the middle (it's a Cathedral, 8 pews wide at the center) and how we need to look at ourselves and recognize our sinfulness as recognizing sinfulness in others is insufficient.

belinda said...

Without Christs grace I couldn't recognize my own sins.

After confession I feel such gratitude and love towards him. It all comes back to him. He gives love, forgiveness and grace from the confessional and we pass it on to the other people in our lives. How could we not be better people because of him?

What a wonderful parish you must have and because confession brings peace, maybe your parishioners squabble and gossip less because of it.

X said...

As soon as I see the words feminist or ecological bells start ringing - and I don't mean church bells calling the faithful!