Sunday, May 29, 2011

 I really want to keep my gossiping in check and so I'm not trying to encourage you to participate in my sins when I post these photos. I know it's really tempting because of the kinds of lives these people led but where ever they are now, they're  paying for every decision they had made during their lives and they need our prayers.

 Elizabeth Taylor's dress.

Brangelina clothing.

Darned, dirty apes.
Here's what happens when Chuck doesn't run fast enough.

Cheap plastic.

Expensive plastic - on the left.
(Photo for my Kate.)

 Cher had/has a teeny tiny waist and  is 5' 8-1/2" tall.

"The Roddy McDowell powder room." - Located in the Max Factor museum.

Elizabeth Taylor's dress.

Pamela Anderson's bay watch swimsuit is so large on top that the museum staff  had to stuff the bodice with tissue paper- and rather poorly I might add.  I assure you, no one gives David Hasselhoff's clothing a second glance because your transfixed on Miss Anderson's suit and not in a creeper kind of way but in amazement, - how'd she keep those things up?
 Now, I understand why "Babe watch" was so popular.

The teen who wore this was shockingly small.

Phyllis Dillers dresses

The dress Marilyn wore in Korea.


Terry Nelson said...

You look mahvelous in that photo. Really, you do.

belinda said...

(In my Ava Gabor voice..)
Thank you Dahling.

These movie stars were freakishly small - Genetic flukes of nature. I wear a size 12 skirt and I look like Igor next to these things.

-Except for Cybil Shepherd, she was a big girl. Tall, thick and busty.

Come back and visit me later to help me pray for some dead people.

I prayed my personal best when I was at their graves but there were so many people and so little time. Westwood cemetery was one of the saddest place I've ever been to.

Remember the rules? ;) We pray for a famous person and ten audience members -because we don't want to leave anyone out of the loop.

How do I win favor with God so I can pray more people in? We don't have enough people yet!

Anonymous said...

I love your spirit and gusto for prayin for these people--and their audiences. it's good to pray for the dead ones cuz they need it, but don't forget the living ones who are leading so many astray, more than the ones from days gone by.

The Marilyn dress is my favorite. Very classy.

And what a cute photo of you! You'd look really cool wearing that outfit you're standing next to. Like, so totally rad and foxy.

belinda said...

Georgette,"but don't forget the living ones"

I know! I'm praying as fast as I can.