Saturday, May 28, 2011

How is it that a person wouldn't know or understand the content and character of their spouse after 25 years of marriage? 


Pablo the Mexican said...

Women throw themselves at men of power like dogs in heat; she doesn't need to be a whore, even Professors, Doctors, highly educated women, and regular girls are led by their carnal desires.

The woman with Arnold hounded him into oblivion, after denying her lawful husband sex.

Because Arnold lived by his zipper, he died by it.

He thinks he is done with that Kennedy broad, he is mistaken. The memory of her will haunt him.

On her side, I do believe she had wild sex with him before their marriage. In a movie about them, I think it showed her attacking him viciously.

God will not bless anything that begins in mortal sin.

We all should remember God has placed no restrictions on the marriage bed.

This only applies to those lawfully married.

Instead of getting the husband God had in store for her, she let her nether parts find one for her.

Like the song goes, "The Thrill is Gone."

God bless your marriage, Mrs. Belinda, with many more years and graces.


Pablo the Mexican said...

I re-read my comment and realized I did not answer the question.

Maria knew exactly what she was getting when she married Arnold.

Why are women surprised to find us men are a bunch of dogs?

Like dogs, some men have become neutered, by choice, or by their wives and mother in laws.

But mainly, us men are sinners, even God has come to that realization.

Evil does not lurk in the hearts of all men; but a bit of the scoundrel does.

That's what women find attractive in us.


Christie said...

I don't think even the rich and famous are immune from the desire to have a happy marriage. Also, if she was willing to trade marital bliss for power, why would she divorce him now? Saving face?

At any rate I think it is hard to find a spouse in our post-sexual revolutionary age who isn't used to viewing other human beings as objects to be used to further his/her own pleasure at any socio-economic strata.

But to the question. Sometimes there is a nagging doubt at the edges of your life together that something is wrong. You just can't put your finger on it. People are able to act (and an actor especially) like a happily married person even at home before the game gets tiring for someone or the beans get spilled into the public sphere.

3puddytats said...

I think their marriage has been in trouble for a long time...when he was elected governor she refused to live in the governor's mansion, making him commute back and forth. Not sure if he woent home every night or only on weekends. Probably just weekends, especially if you are exptected to attend dinners etc.

There are also women who naively think that once their wild boy gets married and has kids he'll settle should never marry something thinking that they will change or that you can change them..

i agree with Pablo--there are women who want their notch on the lipstick case, and the bragging rights of a groupie who had sex with a celebrity. You wave the steak in front of the doberman and you can't expect him not to take a bite.

A few years ago when the scandal with Kobe Bryant came out one of my single bachelor men friends said "Why do men like that even get married??" yeah, why?? Take your big buck and party it away...much bettter than losing it in a big divorce settlement.

I sure would like to take a look at their just KNOW that they had one...


Charlene said...

From all I've seen written about their marriage, Maria was faithful. Arnold was not. I'll bet he went to great lengths to act like a loving faithful husband. She may have learned of slips and he may have asked her to forgive him and she did. When things go wrong there is plenty of blame but putting it all on the shoulders of the wife is ridiculous. As to lusting for fame, Maria was a well known public figure in her work before the marriage. If anything she gave that up to marry.

Pablo the Mexican said...

God will not bless anything that begins in mortal sin.

She walks in at 7:57 of the video; I goofed the trimming, sorry.

This is what a proper courtship ends in; the first kiss between the two was when the Padre said "I now pronounce you man and wife."

The man did not say "I love you so let me drag you into sin."

The woman was chaste and a virgin.

They both did what God expected of them.

Watch what happens when she meets her Father, and how he blesses her and hands her over to her betrothed.


It pleases God.

She is now pregnant and is to give birth in August, 2011.

Pray for them and all married couples.

(said some Hail Marys for you and your beloved, Mrs. Belinda, at Mass today.


belinda said...

Thank you for your prayers Pablo.
Immediately when Arnold found himself attracted to his housekeeper she should have been dismissed - that's what men with integrity do.

Women who have a healthy fear of the Lord, don't throw themselves at powerful men - or otherwise.

Wives who feel love and value from their husbands don't stray.
-Women in love don't stray.

I believe there was a reason why Christ commanded husbands to love their wives. The love of a husband is the foundation of the family and wives thrive on it and pass it on to their children. Without the love of a good and faithful husband, wives grow bitter, hatefilled and cold.

I disagree though about one thing, if a marriage starts out sinful our God is big enough to turn it around to glorify himself. He can fix broken or sinful lives and marriages if we allow him to do so. That's just my opinion though.

3puddytats said...

Belinda--you cannot fire someone just because you are attracted to your boss, or he is attracted to you..that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. There are lots of rules nowaday concerning sexual harassment and personal relationships in the workplace. Each company has various rules concerning dating, marriage and other such relationships in the workplace.

But you can assign them to another position where the daily contact will be minimal. Or if the problem is severe then it would be up to the boss to secure a transfer for the individual. In this case the individual being a domestic worker it would be interesting to know if she has legal working status in the US. If not that raises additional problems and questions.


Pablo the Mexican said...

Padre had a couple come in that had been living together...

He made them live apart for six months while they attended marriage and catechism classes.

When they completed and assured him they were to live together as lawfully married man and wife according to God's will he married them.

Their marriage became a proper one.

God blessed it.